Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 2814 - The Lovin Life Linky - New carpet edition

Anyone bought new carpet recently?

I've decided we need new carpet.  Our carpet seems very worn and no longer lifts the look of our house.

Nothing about carpet shopping is particularly easy. It's ridiculously expensive and the decision you make has to not only fit every room in the house regardless of furniture, light or trends, but it's also got to remain presentable for the next 25 years.

Then of course when you buy the new carpet it's bound to make your 15 year old lounge suite look 100 (and not in the cool "oooh this is just divINE" Antique Road Show kind of way).

Which means you're now walking around furniture stores carting your carpet samples and wall paint swatches with you.

Furniture coverings, wall paint swatches and carpet samples

My interior design consulting team
So carpet shopping turns out to be more than just about floor coverings.  It becomes a "how long do we have to pay off our credit card?" type exercise.

Anyway, this week I'm lovin that I get to spruce up the house a bit.

It won't happen overnight (in fact I'm yet to fully convince the hubster that this is a financial priority) but at some point this year I am sure I'll be swearing about moving furniture and wondering if I have to actually dismantle all the beds as my home gets a face lift.

Have you ever had to choose carpet?

When was the last time your home had an update?

Will I really have to move ALL my furniture? 

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Without further ado, it's time for the Lovin' Life Linky.

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  1. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure you'll have to move ALL your furniture to get new carpet Leanne :( We need new carpet in the bedrooms, but it will have to wait another year or two. Finally got the new lounge this year though, which was a looooooong wait! #worthit #TeamLovinLife

  2. Exciting! I did the floor boards before we moved in and am hoping that they will be here to stay.

    SSG xxx

  3. Yep, sorry to say, you'll be moving ALL your furniture...We put it off & put it off in our last house - the carpet was dreadful. In the end we sold it with bad carpet - I think that was easier.

  4. Oh, that's a hard one. I've lived in places with light and dark carpet and neither are great. I do think having textured carpet makes dust and specks less visible. At the moment I have tiles. I did wonder if I'd miss having carpet but in reality I've only had it in my bedrooms for my last 2-3 places!

  5. Oh dear...yes, it's expensive and a damn nuisance to get new carpet but there comes a time when it HAS to happen. We did it some years back in the house we sold in 2014. It was worth it. takes time to do all the hard work of moving stuff. Maybe the carpet people have deal to do that too. When we got new carpet, I took the leftovers of decent size to a place which did overlocking and we got quite a few long, small and medium sized carpet mats. We still use them in our rental place. They've been terrific. Denyse x

  6. Of course you will need a new lounge and sadly to move all the furniture, but plan on it being worthwhile. Good luck with the process.

  7. After having plush carpet and shag pile rugs, my tip is to go for the most low profile carpet you can. I'm at the point where commercial/industrial carpeting seems much better value for money and these days it doesn't look too bad either!

  8. Ohh, I feel your pain (and excitement!) I've just revamped the house we moved into, and the blinds and curtains were such a big story. As you say carpeting looks different in each room and changes with the different light and furniture. In the end we decided to go for wool carpeting (good for anyone with allergies and also long lasting) in a light neutral colour with a tiny fleck in it which makes it look not quite pristine so that I know it's the carpet and not that it needs vacuuming constantly!! Check out the Great Sandy range - it's medium priced. Good luck with it all, but most of all have fun. It's a privilege isn't it x

  9. I just got new carpet recently! It was so hard to choose. I got down to 3, then 2 and then I had enormous problems choosing between the two - both had good things about them. Then one day I woke up and thought - no I will go with 'that' one, and so be it. Love my new carpet!! #TeamLovinLife

  10. I am terrible at choosing things for the house! I really need a new kitchen but the thought of looking at all the designs buts me off. I will never make a decision.

  11. We put carpet down in our theatre room a few years ago (it had wooden flooring that I felt didn't really fit the 'vibe' of the room) and we went for a deep crimson - very radical for us with all the beige and cream and wood on every other floor. Surprisingly it works really well with our black couches and also merges well where it meets up with our laminate flooring. Good luck with your choices - it's a big decision that you have to live with for a long time.

  12. We are in the process of doing a few things around our house as we are thinking about selling up and downsizing maybe next year. We started by replacing our dishwasher, oven and cooktop in the kitchen and have now moved onto light fittings. Once you start you can just keep going forever (so we've discovered!) New carpet might also be on our list! Good luck with yours. :) #TeamLovinLife

  13. We are renovating our apartment at the Gold Coast, Leanne and carpet is next on the list. Of course once you start it is hard to stop - the carpet, then the furniture, then the bathroom - the list could go on. I like you colour scheme. Have a great week and look forward to seeing what you decide on.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  14. We only have two rooms in our house with carpet, both bedrooms, and they are in desperate need of an update. Out third bedroom is a wood grain lino, and I am tempted to get rid of the carpet altogether and go carpetless in the entire house!

  15. I've been wanting to upgrade our carpet for ages. Hubby has agreed but it's just such a hassle moving all the furniture though. Not looking forward to it!

    Di from Max The Unicorn


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