Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Day 2819 - I need you to give me some bloggy inspiration

It's time for a game of bloggy truth or dare

It used to be that I could write about anything.  I'd wake up at 5.00am, stare into space for a few seconds and without a doubt something random would pop into my brain and I'd start blogging about it.

After 2819 days of blogging*,  my brain has either gone to sleep or I'm finding that I've already written about most of the things in my head.

Like this morning.  I suddenly thought of that time Michael Cane and I walked past each other and smiled.  But I've already mentioned that here.

Then I thought I could chat about boobs and how they go wayward with age.  But, that was a common Deep Fried topic back when this blog first got started.  

For some reason an image of cheese came to mind and I thought I could blog about that.  Can you believe I created an entire post about cheese here?

While re-reading the post about cheese this morning I went into mourning for that blogger 7.5 years ago who used to be hilarious.  What happened to that blogger?

Anyway, I'm starting to get stuck when it comes to things to write about.

So I thought it might be time for a game of bloggy truth or dare.  I've decided to turn my dilemma over to you.

Tell me, what would you like me to write about here at Deep Fried Fruit?

Is there something you'd like me to do (and report on it) or something you'd like me to confess to?  Perhaps you'd like my take on a particular topic or you'd like me to reveal more shocking truths about ageing?  Would you like me to share more positive psychology or life coaching things? Or maybe a series of posts on how to be self published?

Be specific.  Throw it at me.  Give me some bloggy fodder.  Perhaps we could write a particular topic together?

Anyone up for a game of truth or dare?

* Until a couple of months ago I blogged daily 7 days a week.  Recently I decided to take back my weekends and now I only blog every week day.  So that declaration of 2819 days of blogging isn't quite correct.  But it is 2819 days since I started blogging of which 98% of that time was daily.  There you go, my first "truth" in this game of truth or dare.


  1. Self publishing tips for sure!

  2. 2819 blog posts! That would just about giver everything!


    1. Damn autocorrect! That should be cover not giver!

      Maybe post about your most hilarious autocorrect mistakes!

  3. I like Amy's idea - your knowledge of self publishing would be really interesting :)

    When I get stuck, a few times I've asked people on social media to give me some words and I've made sure I've used them all in a story. Uh, depending on your personal preferences, you'll probably need to specify that they are clean words :)

  4. Please write about publishing. Many of us bloggers have desires to be published one day and you're already there! I enjoy your regular posts too. You are free to write about whatever!

  5. That number of days blogging is inspirational!

  6. I think revisiting some of the topics you wrote about years ago would be really interesting. I know my perspective has changed a lot over the years. x

  7. I think as Bron mentioned ..re-do or update of some topics from before too. That would be interesting. I have found looking back on some of my posts from 2014/15 that my views have changed. I am so glad to see you taking weekends off! Go you!!

  8. Oh that's a serious amount of blogging, I'm pleased you're going to take some time off, it sounds as if you've definitely earned it! I love that you write about such a variety of different topics, but yes, self publishing would be interesting as would revisiting some of the past topics and posts. Enjoy those free weekends!

  9. I am truely amazed that you blog everyday! Well done!

  10. I've been struggling lately with just 3 posts a week, I sure don't know how you do it Leanne!

  11. Self publishing tips would be great - and how you find time to do it (as well as blog!)

  12. Tips about self-publishing for sure. Seems like everyone wants to know this. :)

  13. I've only been at it for less than three years and feel like I'm hitting a hump in the road - you've done amazingly well to have fresh stuff to offer after all those thousands of posts!


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