Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Day 2820 - Wellness Wednesday - The Comfort Food Edition

What's your winter comfort food? 

In the crock-pot ready to start the slow cooking process
For the purposes of being fit and fabulous, it's all well and good to eat clean and green with a shite load of vegetables, ditching the carbs and cleansing from all sugars.  But there comes a time for mental health and wellness when a good old fashioned crock-pot is just what the doctor ordered.  Let's call it "comfort food"

On this Wellness Wednesday I give you the current slow cook favourite of my family right now.

In my attempts to create a variety of foods that the family can get excited about, I discovered a recipe for Chili Con Carne in this old Crock-Pot cookbook.

It's definitely a winner, winner, crock-pot dinner!   Our new winter comfort food.

Everybody starts to drool as they enter the house to the wondrous smells wafting from the kitchen.

Chili con carne is our slow cooker meal of choice this winter.

What's your winter comfort food? 

* Note:  Due to the tomatoes in this recipe I can only have this in very small quantities due to food sensitivities.  That doesn't mean I can't create a batch to satisfy the boys hearty winter appetites.  For a vegetarian option I switch out the mince for lentils.  The vego daughter loves it. 

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  1. I used to love steak, sauce (usually pepper or diane) and mashed potato in winter. Although spag bol or similar did the trick as well (accompanied by some red wine) but food - that sort of food - no longer holds the same allure since my surgery. Instead I find I crave (and eat) things like chocolate - small nibbly things, which is kinda sad.


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