Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Day 2838 - What is everyone thinking about right now?

What's on your mind?

This week is a big week for me.  It's the week I've decided to make stuff happen.

With around 7 major projects on the go that I'm personally managing, from author stuff, to cheerleading, to soccer, to my school reunion, the kids magazine, mumager duties and my daughter's 18th, there's a lot to keep me awake at night.

And I guess the stuff on my mind goes beyond the projects and associated tasks to the big ticket items that require some major decisions.  A complete change in direction.  And it starts with a trip to Sydney today to chat to a publisher and to work out where Miss 17 is going to live.

With my own mind full of things to do, major projects and ultimate dreams, it got me to wondering what is on other people's minds right now.  Further, I wondered how much our ponderings change with age.

What are the items on people's lists for this week?

What keeps them awake at night?

What is the one thing that they're stressing over?

What is taking up their brain space?

So I asked a bunch of people "what is the one issue that is foremost on your mind right now?" 

From little children through to retirees here is what they said:

LG: Lack of sufficient superannuation funds for retirement is one issue, helping our daughter to purchase her first car is another (52 years old)

CB: Going back to uni and work after 6 months of cancer treatment and recovery.  Getting back in the swing of things (28 years old)

EW:  The big issue currently on my mind is what am I going to do after school? Will I get into a good university course?  Will I be happy with what I'm doing? (16 years old)

AA: My big issue is going to the lung specialist tomorrow for possible pulmonary fibrosis which is scary.  The good news is that I'm going to be a grandmother again! (47 years old)

DJ:  Savings along with continuing our private health insurance to offset present and future health requirements as we age (67 years old)

MS: Continence (71 years old)

DL:  Having to step up in soccer and push twice as hard because I'm playing up a year (13 years old)

TJ:  My weight because everything I do and all of my goals comes down to where my body is at (17 years old)

LB:  I just want to fly a kite (4 years old)

DC:  Running out of time to pursue my dreams (47 years old)

EL:  Physical and emotional health and well being and the link between the two; the hope that I've given my kids the support and strategies to cope with the ever changing world as they get ready to fly the coop; and my ability to balance between supporting them and giving them independence (45 years old).

BD: Keeping my teenagers safe on the road with their brand new sparkling P plates. (aged 45)

MH:  Health and whether or not my knee injury is going to give me pain as I get older.  The unknown scares me to bits! (aged 48 years old)

KM: How I can balance life as a mumpreneur and give the kids the time they need.  (aged 37 years old)

BS:  To work on my fitness and be flexible enough for pilates tomorrow (aged 69 years old)

IG:  Improving my cheer tumbles in time for comp (aged 13 years old)

AG: My boobs are always on my mind.  The need to have them removed to prevent breast cancer due to a genetic issue. Should I get them done now and reconstructed? The cost is a worry. How much time will I need to take off work? I don't have enough leave.  Who will look after the house, the kids and coach my team? (aged 40)

SD: How I can commit to building three businesses over the next two years, fit in another baby and be a good parent to my other three children (aged 37 years old).

IS: University fees are becoming more expensive and this rise in fees is going to make other expenses very hard for young people to deal with (aged 17 years old). 

CB: Wondering how to find our new normal after my father-in-law's stroke and the need for him to now have 24/7 care (aged 45 years old)

HD:  Juggling my school work with the rest of my life and still having my own time to chill out and rest (aged 15 years old).

AF: What would my family do if I went under a bus tomorrow.  I think: Starve; never wash their bodies, teeth, clothes, surrounds; dog would also starve; rubbish would pile up inside the house; no bills would be paid and nobody would take their prescribed medication (aged 47 years old)

SZ:  as a farmer I'm hoping for good rain fall across the country soon.  Just had the driest June on record and July has been below average as well.  We need a good soaking as we move into spring. 

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of wishing I was four years old right now.  I'd like to be thinking about flying a kite.

All in all this exercise has shown me that no matter who we are, no matter what our age, nor our financial status, we've all got stuff on our minds.  Some issues are big and others are smaller.  But we're all deep in thought about something.

What is the one issue that is foremost in your mind right now?


  1. So much at the moment! Big family stuff, financial stuff, difficult friendship stuff, life just never seems to settle down. Time. We all need more time.

  2. My quick trip to Sydney on Friday is on my mind right now which makes a nice distraction from the usual stuff.

  3. My four year old is looking at her book about the body. I asked her what she was thinking about and she said "foods. Foods in stomachs. Like this, see mama?" 😂😂

  4. I choose to think about flying a kite! I've got all the big things on my mind at the moment, flying a kite sounds perfect.

  5. I'm thinking about more rest and how rest to recover doesn't feel respected by a "hustle" world.

  6. Oh my goodness - talk about tugging on the kite strings - what a gorgeous answer. I think balance is on my mind - how to give my best to my family and my work and reserve a little for me too.

  7. Mine's there but at the moment I'm wondering if I can stand another day, week and more in my current job without feeling completely destroyed. (And the flipside of that is I realise it's really not that bad... it's more about me than the job.)

  8. I wish I was 4 years old now too! The things I'm thinking about are way too complex and annoying and worrying for my liking!

  9. Wow that's such an interesting list to read and puts thing into perspective when you read of other people's worries. I'm currently thinking that I need to get off my laptop and get to sleep or I'll be really tired tomorrow!


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