Thursday, July 27, 2017

Day 2840 - The Lovin Life Linky - The networking edition

It's not what you know ...

We often hear people say "it's not what you know, it's who you know".  That in order to get ahead in life we've got to know the right people.

The good news is we can all get to know the right people.

This past week I've been reminded over and over again how important networking is.

Whether it be for work, business, sport, school, home or relationships, creating networks of people who know people, who might know people, who might also know other people is really important for positive forward movement.

Recent examples include: 

  • having a cousin who knows a woman who has a daughter the same age as my own looking to share a flat in Sydney.  
  • talking to a bookshop owner who knows an author who would like to meet with me and make introductions with their speaker agent
  • selling my books via my online shop to a woman for her daughter who heard about them through a friend who raves about the books so much her "production company" mum contacts me about possible animation 
  • knowing someone who goes to the same coffee shop everyday and talks to the barista finding out about another coffee shop opening that needs teenage employees who then recommends a friend's son who is now being trained as a barista in his new after school job
  • having a friend who needs an "in" at our local university to promote a sporting program and finding out that one of our soccer dad's is the head of the sports area and can talk to someone about getting her a meeting this week
  • sitting at the hairdresser hearing about a new children's clothing label looking to promote themselves and putting them in contact with my friend who is looking for women's and children's clothing to include in her new pop-up shop

The secret is simply to talk.  To communicate with people about what it is we're looking for or needing in order to move forward.

The more we talk about our goals, the bigger our networks become.  It doesn't have to be through people we know.  It's just a matter of striking up a conversation with the right person and asking a few questions and valuing the advice we're getting in return. It's about making a connection with a person who has connections.

So that's what I'm lovin' about life this week.  The power of networking.

How established are your networks?

Have you got an example of your networks working for you?

What are you lovin' about life right now?

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  1. It's so true. I love making connections, but am not so good at following through with them - not for myself anyway. Love the serendipity of these.

  2. So very true. I'm all about incidental networking, with my ear to the ground. Starting conversations, joining the dots and connecting people in interesting, round about ways.

    1. I'm a little too early for the linkup. I do have something to link up today but I don't really have time to play along properly, so will leave it till next week.

  3. Love it Leanne! Now you've got me thinking about all the recent connections in my own life 😊

  4. My partner is great at this. Me, only a little. But I love your examples...

  5. So true, Leanne. Aside from the networking and connecting side of 'who you know', 'who you know' has also given me strength in providing solidarity and a feeling of not being alone in some challenging situations.

    SSG xxx

  6. Some awesome examples used here Leanne! I know that I need to network much better than I do. I tend to tuck myself away a bit too much. It's the introvert in me *sigh*! #TeamLovinLife

  7. Yes. I agree about making some connections which lead to others and so on. I also think we can be careful too in weighing up what might be on offer. Two examples for me are having to find a decent dentist last year..and our local pharmacist who we got to know after leaving our scripts with him recommended someone who used to live in his street and was in a practice about 20 minutes away. That dentist has been amazing in his understanding of my anxiety and IBS even being fine with cancelled appointments. Then it was he who sent me to the Oral Surgeon in May when we both knew something was not right. He was kindly and caring when he heard it was cancer and rang me after I returned from hospital to ask how it all went. The other person our friendly pharmacist recommended was a new GP who had started recently at the centre just 5 mins from home. Both B & I clicked with him and even though we loved our friendly GP we had found earlier she was 45 min drive away, so we changed. This GP has seen me 4 times since I have been back from hospital to help, reassure and just be there for me. It has paid dividends tenfold asking someone you trust to give recommendations. Today I have linked an old(er) post about Kindness. It is kindness in its many guises which has helped me in these past awful months. Love Denyse x

  8. It's something I wish I had energy for, but I really don't. These days I don't want to interact, I don't want do anything but go to work and go to bed. I have an event I'd love to attend at my old uni next month but aahh - I'm so tired and still don't feel great and I'd get some so late when I add the travel time in.

  9. Absolutely. Networking is so important for creating new opportunities and marketing yourself or your product. My son started up his own Electrical Contracting business last year and I would say the majority of his work is via his network of friends and business associates. I got my current job via a friend who saw on Facebook that I was writing blogs. I also got writing work with Discover Ipswich via word of mouth from someone who had previously worked at Visit Gold Coast. The list goes on and on. #TeamLovinLife

  10. Oh wow, so many opportunities and you're right Leanne it's definitely about who you know but also making an effort to connect others where we can!!!

  11. I'm not that great at networking, but I love how you've got it working in your favour and also to help other people. I'm so bad at opening up to people haha.

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  12. And I'm so, so bad at it?? I wonder why that is!! I know, practice will make it easier, but I would rather hear about the other person and their story, than talk about mine!!!

  13. I never have stories like that to tell! I do come across the six(?) degrees of separation thing where someone I'm talking to knows someone I know in a completely unconnected way but no great business opportunities unfortunately!

  14. What a great post. We all know so many more 'important' people than we think. I am always reminded of the term Connector concept from the book The Tipping Point. My other half is definitely a connector and is always joining the dots for people. He loves to talk and listen and then figure out a way to connect two people with complementary needs/skills. Me I'm more of a maven but the world needs them too (so I keep telling myself) :-)

  15. Networking is a fabulous way to tap into things you wouldn't have access to otherwise. Loving your examples Leanne! Being a connector is key to success in business, that's for sure... it's not what you know, it's WHO you know! #TeamLovinLife

  16. Networking is a good way to connect with others although I've always been a bit on the shy side when it comes to Networking events. You are right in pointing out it doesn't just mean networking in business but also building networks in our life. Thanks Leanne.


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