Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Day 2846 - Wellness Wednesday - The head cold edition

What's your favourite head cold remedy?

Today's post comes to you from a hotel room in Sydney where I'm getting ready to attend a breakfast about probiotics and gut microbiome.  Great way to spend my Wellness Wednesday, don't you think?

Except that I have a pile of used tissues beside me, an empty throat lozenger pack and a ratty box of cold and flu tablets which I've been carrying around for the last week.

It's cold and flu season and I am quite clearly suffering dying from a head cold a major airborne disease man flu.

So as I try to pull myself together in time for this wellness event, I thought I should look at some tried and trusted cold remedies as told to us by the inter-webs.

After much searching (as much as I can manage in the half hour I have to write this post) it seems that all reading leads to the following:

  • Stay hydrated (check) - water, tea, chicken soup
  • Breathe in a steamy environment (check) - "steam tents", hot shower, humidifier
  • Blow your nose (check) - which has be made achievable through aforementioned steam and taking horseradish and garlic supplements
  • Use saline spray (check) - good old Fess is a winter staple in our house 
  • Stay warm and well rested (check) - other than the last two days I've been spending as much time on the couch with my doona as possible (even took off my FitBit)
  • Gargle (check) - I've been using mouth wash but apparently salt water is just as good
  • Drink hot liquids (check) - green tea, ginger & lemon tea and good ol' chai latte. I have yet to try the hot toddy.
  • Vicks (check) - a mentholated vapour rub for the chest and under the nose, although I forgot to bring it to Sydney with me. 
  • Heat packs on the sinus - I have not done this! Must give that a try.
  • Sitting more upright at night to relieve nasal congestion (check)
  • Over the counter cold and flu tablets (check)
I guess I've been doing everything right in trying to combat this pesky cold.  There is no magic remedy, just all of the above mixed with patience and time.

Have you had a cold this season?

What's your favourite cold remedy?

Any tips and tricks you'd like to share? 

Sources include:  Web MD, Health Line, Mind, Body, Green, and Mayo Clinic

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  1. Sorry to hear you're dying of man flu Leanne! :) Agree with all of the above remedies for a cold. I also take a product called Immune Defence from Ethical Nutrients, which helps ward off the germs when everyone around you is sick. Works well for me. Take care xox


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