Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 2847 - The Lovin Life Linky - Finding old friends edition

The power of finding long lost friends.

Eating a lamb burger for lunch - 30 years in the making
Due to the powers of Facebook I have managed to reconnect with a whole bunch of people I used to go to school with.   You know the ones - you didn't necessarily hang out after hours but you spent a lot of time in class together.

These Facebook connections have allowed us to organise our 30 year high school reunion which has been made so much easier due to the power of tagging, searching and including people to a dedicated school reunion group.

Then there are those connections which are higher on the ladder.  Finding a long lost friend who was more than just a class buddy but someone you'd go to parties with, hang out at recess and lunch with, have sleep-overs with and share your secrets with.

Yesterday I reconnected with that friend.

We'd spent a good part of years 11 and 12 together and when school finished she moved to Sydney to work and I wandered off to Canberra to attend uni.

Our lives went in different directions and because there was no mobile phones nor social media, we lost contact fairly quickly as we both moved around focussing on our own paths.

Because I've been project managing the school reunion we were able to reconnect on Facebook and I discovered that just this year she's moved back to Sydney from Queensland.

More surprising is the fact she now owns a cafe across the road from a pub where I ate lunch just one month ago.  The window where I had sat people watching has a direct line of sight into her eatery.

Needless to say the moment I discovered how close we'd been meant I just had to see her in person and give her a long overdue 30 year hug.

So yesterday in between some Sydney bloggy commitments (and as I waited for the model daughter to do her thing) I headed to her neck of the woods to catch up on the last 30 years!

It was fantastic and we have vowed to keep this new found friendship alive through more regular face-to-face contact.

And that my cyber friends is what I'm lovin' about life this week.  The ability to reconnect through the wonders of the inter-webs.

When was the last time you reconnected with a long lost friend?

Has Facebook helped you to find some important people in your life?

What are you lovin' about life this week?

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  1. I am actually going to Singapore to watch the Grand Prix with a friend I hadn't seen since I was 16 (that's about 981 years ago). I said on FB I was going and would get a room with 2 beds if she wanted to come (as it cost the same to me). She then booked her ticket and we've managed to get tickets in the stand next to each other, even tho we purchased them separately. We then met up a few weeks ago when I was in the hunter (as she lives in Newcastle) and had lunch. It was all fine (funny though, as we were both sussing out if we'd made a huge mistake!).....

  2. That's probably the thing I like most about social media - the keeping in touch thing. #TeamLovinLife

  3. I love how social media has enabled us to rekindle these long term friendships.

    SSG xxx

  4. Facebook can drive me crazy !!!! But it's moments like this that make me smile and see how useful it can be!

  5. I agree with Kerrie - Facebook sometimes drives me crazy too, but I have also reconnected with long lost friends. It is such a great way to communicate with people and see photos of their families and holidays. It really does serve a very good purpose. #TeamLovinLife

  6. What a great story and I am so glad you got the meet up. I hope your reunion goes well too. It's 50 years this year since I (along with the thousands of others) did the first HSC. I have seen various schools organising get-togethers but I wouldn't go. Our (no longer) school has a FB page and I have seen plenty of people there I remember. I did meet up with a school friends (Primary and HS) in 2014 before we sold our house. Even though we both grew up in the same suburb on the Northern Beaches we did not connect once school was finished. The irony of our lives is that neither of us could afford to settle where we grew up and both of us raised our families in the north-west of Sydney. We had probably "passed" each other in the local big shopping centre many times! She is now FB friend and she checks on how I am recovering from surgery too. D x

  7. So glad you are finding joy in catching up with folk from long ago. Be aware though, there can be a down side ... like when you realised you really DON'T want to be part of their life anymore for whatever reason ... and you'd love to just block them on FB but because they know you blog etc they would know you are avoiding them and can't stand them, rather than just disappeared from social media for a while!!!!

  8. Oh that's lovely. There's nothing like old 'good' friends. I have a bunch of school friends I see irregularly but stay in touch with and when we catch up it's like we've not been a part. And of course, Facebook helps with that. Before social media we had to write or call or just get goss via each other!

  9. I love stories like this! How fab to reconnect after all those years and OMG that burger and the sweet potato fries look GOOD!! #TeamLovinLife

  10. Much as I'm not a fan of Facebook I do have to admit that it is useful in finding long lost friends!


  11. Facebook is good for keeping in contact with people from your past. I went to so many schools that I lose track of which school I went to with someone!

  12. As annoying and disruptive as social media can be...there are these lights in the tunnel that make is so fabulous!! And I had to laugh when I saw this photo---we just had a lamb burger for dinner!!

  13. What a great outcome! I got to have coffee with Jo Castro the other day - connections through blogging are more recent but fun too. This whole social media thing has so many plus sides to it (helps to offset the annoying parts!) I bet you both felt like you were 17 again!

  14. How lovely Leanne. I've met so many bloggers who have become friends yet I've never met them face to face. I went to a High School 40th Reunion last year and there was a FB page set up a year before the reunion. I reconnected with some women who I had never been close to at school and now we are firm friends.

  15. That is definitely the power of social media. Given we are so much more mobile than earlier generations it is easy to lose contact but social media allows us to connect across the miles. My favourite story is being in Hong Kong when Rowan got a Facebook message from our ex neighbours who were also there. We were able to quickly connect up and have a fun lunch and afternoon with them.

  16. So fabulous to hear you've caught up with your school friend again Leanne. Facebook is fantastic for reconnecting with people. We found it very helpful when organising our school reunion too :) #TeamLovinLife

  17. It's so cool you've been able to find and reconnect with a long lost friend! I love that. Definitely something to love about life! :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn


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