Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Day 2853 - Wellness Wednesday - The Reformer Pilates Edition

Are you a Pilates fan?

This is not me.
Can you tell?
I've often thought about doing pilates. I've even inquired about it, dreamed about it and imagined what my body might look like after I'd done it.  But I've never actually walked through the doors of a Pilates class and done it.

Why? Mainly because the thought of trying to do Pilates and yoga in front of others with my very inflexible Deep Fried fibromyalgia body makes me sweat in anticipated embarrassment.

This week I changed all of that. I figured I'd use my word for the year and BE the fit and fabulous 40+ year old that I claim to be.

But instead of relying on my ability to remain balanced and somewhat coordinated, I chose to do Reformer Pilates instead of the standard "use your own body weight" mat version.

The "Reformer" is a bench style machine that uses spring technology to help us with strength, length, flexibility and balance.  The Reformer allows us to use pilates technique for a fuller and fairly intense workout, while at the same time providing stability.

Many say it is actually trickier than standard Pilates, but for some reason, the idea of having the machine gives me the illusion of feeling safer, steadier and more technically correct.  

The Reformer Studio at Lucas Studios in Canberra

Pilates is about lengthening and toning the body.  According to The Huffington Post the Reformer version allows for more variety of exercise in lots of different body positions including back, side, stomach, knees, sitting and standing. 

I went with my daughter on Monday to check it out, and despite a couple of instances where I felt I may be catapulted across the room, I did surprisingly well.

The best part about it is you don't feel like you're doing an intense workout.  While I could feel my muscles working, I wasn't exhausted and about to pop an eyeball or lose my breakfast.  

And let me tell you, it was clearly a good workout.  Let's just say my quads are screaming as I squat down to get stuff from the bottom drawers and shelves, and it's a safe bet I won't be using any public toilets for a while as there is absolutely no chance I'll be able to "hover". 

Reformer Pilates is a lot of fun but it isn't cheap.   We went to our local Lucas Studios which costs around $35 for a 45 minute session.  Having said that, there are multi class deals and they also have a trial option where you pay $100 for as many classes as you want over 14 days.  Which is what we chose to do.  I figured 2 weeks of daily Pilates workouts should have me back to fit and fabulous! Surely?

Do you do Pilates?

Have you heard of Reformer Pilates?

What new exercise methods have you discovered?  

Happy Wellness Wednesday! 

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  1. My neighbour in Brisbane was a pilates instructor and had a private studio (in her double garage). I went to private lessons weekly and small group classes (3 of us) weekly for 4-5 years. I was such a regular she would leave her key for me when she went on holidays so I could use the reformer while she was away.

    I'd had to quit the year before I made my seachange because of work commitments but continued with mat classes at a gym, but haven't done any since moving and would really like to but... as you said, it's not cheap.


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