Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day 2854 - The Lovin Life Linky - Bits and Pieces Edition

What have been your highlights this week?

My last two days on Instagram
There are weeks where my view is fairly ordinary with a distinct feeling of "same old, same old", then there are those weeks that morph into something a little more insta-worthy.

Instagram is definitely not the measure of happiness.  Nor does it depict the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. However I am finding it a fairly handy tool for reminding me of some of the physical highlights in the week-that-was.

As I sat at my computer this morning I had no idea what to write about.  So I headed to Insta for a round-up of the last few days.

What have I  been doing?

What am I lovin' about life?

Of course Instagram doesn't show everything.  You can't see my meetings, the housework, the grocery shopping, the on-line bill payments, the long car trips, the never-ending basket of washing, the arguments, the stress, the project management lists, the many phone calls, the headache tablets or the helping with homework.  But it does help me focus on the good stuff. It reminds me of the weekly highlights and helps me recall the variety and other spices in my of life.

So as I sit here at dawn becoming completely overwhelmed with my current to-do list and quickly approaching deadlines, I can still celebrate the highlights perfectly displayed through my insta-shaped lens.

According to Instagram my highlights for this week include:

  • A trip to Melbourne with my husband as we both attended separate meetings
  • Snow vibes from 36,000 feet
  • A lovely hotel with a comfortable, crisp and perfectly made bed
  • A burst of motivation and energy as I kick a few goals
  • Great food prepared by somebody else
  • A sunny walk along Melbourne's river which ended in a successful shopping trip

What have been your highlights this week?

Were they insta-worthy?

What are you lovin' about life right now?

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It's Lovin' Life Linky time.

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  1. The highlight of my week .... just getting through it! My to do lists are overflowing too, so just managing to get a tiny little bit of time to walk each morning and enjoy a few minutes of peace is a bonus :) #TeamLovinLife

  2. I like looking at my Insta - not sure what others make of it, but it makes me that has to be a good sign!

  3. Sounds like your week has been good indeed!

    I've been suffering with the flu all week - definitely no Insta-worthy photos there!


  4. I love looking through my insta pics - even if they are all just beach walks. I especially like looking at them when I'm in my partition job & having a tough day - it reminds me of how fabulous my morning was - & will be again.

  5. I put much on IG, "worth" or not haha. Not too fussed about the "must be perfect" aspect on IG. Actually it bugs the hell out of me lol. I'm celebrating regaining energy. It's amazing that eg needing to stop off at the shops on the way home isn't a massive dark draining hole in my energy anymore. I can wander for a mop, go home, do some washing and none of it was a particularly big effort. I'm still much more tired some days than others, but I think this is now a regaining fitness thing (which is literally just time) than an always sick thing.

  6. I also love looking back at Instagram photos. We watch the avon descent a boat race in WA which was good fun. Great day out having a picnic, bush walking and relaxing by the river.

  7. I'm appreciating Instagram much more than I used to. I used to be only about the words so didn't worry about documenting stuff. Even now I'm not particularly visual but now I think about what I want to share (about what I'm doing) on Instagram and Facebook as I'm doing less personal posts on my blog.

  8. I do try not to post too many pics on IG each day. Usually it is at least one! I love IG but I did not love it a few weeks back when, for a few hours, I left my status as public and 'someone' stole my identity and it locked me out. I reported it (someway, I can't recall) then began a new account which I ALWAYS have set as private. It might be a nuisance to have people ask to follow me but in that way I do get to check out their profile before denying or allowing. As for your week, it sounds like a few goals were kicked and some comfort was achieved staying in a hotel. Love the linky! Thanks for hosting it. Denyse xx

  9. I guess my Insta-worthy moments are mainly walking by the beach each morning. With such spectacular weather the beach looks absolutely stunning every single day. Otherwise my week has been fairly mundane. #TeamLovinLife

  10. Hi Leanne! I love looking back at the intagram shots and it is a great record of what I've done. Unfortunately, this week I've had a lung infection so out of action and trying to get well for a run on Sunday which I've been training for all week. No photos this week but enjoying looking at the Instagrammers that I follow. Have a great week, Leanne.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  11. You had a great insta worthy week for sure! Mine has been pretty average but I did return to gym this week which is great post surgery progress! Also I see soup and crochet pics - cosy homey stuff - so not too shabby a week at all! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  12. I think it's good to focus on the highlights!! They are more positive anyways!!

  13. I think celebrating highlights is a great idea - as long as we recognize that they ARE the highlights and don't expect our lives to look like that every day. Sometimes all we see are the lowlights and it's really good for us to look up and see the good things that are happening.

  14. It's nice to see a hotel bed that is not dressed in plain white! It really seems to be all the rage at the moment. Highlights of my week include starting each week morning with a walk, and phoning the bank to see if they could give me a better interest rate on our savings account - and turns out they could indeed!

  15. Your insta week sounds pretty good, despite the hectic stuff going on behind the scenes. This week has been a bit ho-hum with Insta in this neck of the woods. I find it takes so much time and although I love it, I'm just not fast enough I reckon!

  16. Instagram seems to be a thorn in everyone's side lately. I was tempted to start over the other day, but I have over 4k followers, so it seemed like a silly plan. My highlight of the week is baby lambs - everywhere.

  17. Lots of highlights there, my week has been a bit bland to be honest and as a result I have pretty much stayed off Instagram but it is my favourite social app. Here's to great week ahead for you.


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