Monday, August 14, 2017

Day 2858 - What is your favourite meal?

Confession: I can eat pizza in my sleep

What's your ideal meal?

I have a few favourite meals.  Different meals for different occasions.

For every day life I can't beat a salad.  I love creating new salad combinations and one of my favourites is "left over salad" where I chop up the previous nights meal and mix it through lettuce the next day for lunch for a hot/cold combination.

When I've got migraine nothing can beat chicken and chips.

When I need to feel the comforts of home it's got to be lamb chops, peas and mashed potato to take me back to my childhood.

If you ask me what my favourite celebratory meal is, I will always say brunch. I prefer daylight hours and like nothing more than to sit al fresco mid morning and drink chai while eating avocado smash or eggs benny.

But my all time favourite meal has got to be pizza.

I can eat pizza in my sleep and it has been documented that I've actually done this on many occasions. Sure it was pre-kids and sure there may have been alcohol involved, but legend has it that I could be passed out on the couch and when the pizza arrived I would sit up, eat 4 slices and then revert back to snoring with no memory of it the next day.

I believe there may be photos.  I'm too scared to look.

The best pizza on the planet is New York style pepperoni pizza with slices so big you need two hands.

What's your favourite meal?

Anyone else love the two handed pizza?

Ever eaten in your sleep?  


  1. Haha and what kind of bribe could we offer to see those photos of you eating pizza in your sleep? :)

  2. Oh how funny. Glad there is no photographic evidence...! I love(d) eating salad bits and pieces from left overs too. I am so restricted in what I can eat thanks to the mouth surgery and only a few bottom teeth but I am doing my best to both enjoy and fuel my post-op body! Thank you for joining in #lifethisweek 31/52 and next week's prompt is "Selfie Time".


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