Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Day 2859 - What time is your alarm set for?

Looks like I slept in again ...

My alarm is set for 5.00am.  I've been getting up at this time for as long as I can remember.

Why? Because that gives me time to blog, check my emails and handle the football club communications before the rest of the family wakes up.

I love spending time alone at this time of the day.

My clock sits at the other end of my bedroom. Which means when the alarm goes off, I have to get up and walk to turn it off. This makes it harder to simply turn it off and go back to sleep.

Or does it?

Yesterday it started buzzing at 5.00am. I recall getting up and turning it off, but something weird happened and the next thing I knew it was 7.15am and the hubster was shaking me awake.

Today was similar.  Although today I apparently PLANNED to fall back to sleep.  At 4.00am when I got up to go to the toilet, I turned off the alarm on the way past and here I am at 6.45 having just climbed out of bed, madly trying to blog with my eyes half closed before my homework session with my son.

Looks like I slept in again.

Tell me, what time do you set your alarm for?

Anyone else got their clock on the other side of the room?

How many times do you press snooze? 


  1. I used to NEVER press snooze. These day though I tend to do it more often as my body has literally just needed the rest and recovery and care time. My husband doesn't hear alarms so I keep my phone well away from him, otherwise he'll turn it off in his sleep and I won't be up for work at all.

  2. My body clock is my alarm clock most days - I usually wake up at about 6.30. Hubby has the alarm clock on his side of bed so he is on turning off duty. I don't sleep with my phone in the bedroom anymore, but when I did, I would often have it on the other side of the room to make sure that I got up and turned it off. By the time I'd done my alarm walk, there seemed no point in going back to bed!

  3. I never hit snooze as I will wake up late. I get up very early too but every now and then my body must be telling me to SLEEP. Take it as a hint..lol #teamIBOT

  4. My alarm is set for 5.38am as I start work at 7am.


  5. I'm not a morning person but LOVED the few months late last year and early this year when I woke early every day and got up and was at my desk nice and early.

    I tend to get up at 7ish on work days and if I wake early I get on my little jogging trampoline for 10mins or so to warm up. It means I don't have time to get to my desk though. I mean I could.... but I've been coming into work quite early (so I can leave at 4pm) so leave home by 7.30am or so.

  6. Mine depends on my shift- could be 4:45 am or 4 pm!

  7. On workdays, my first alarm goes off at 5:55 as a little reminder, and my proper alarm goes off at 6:10 - that's when I actually get out of bed. On weekends, I wake up naturally at around 7.

  8. My alarm is set for 6am or 6.15am (depends on how many things I leave on my "to-do" list the night before). I almost never sleep that late. Usually I will get up around 5am, because what's the point in laying there for an hour wide awake when I have 10,000 things I could be doing instead. Cleary procrastination is not in my vocabulary! I wouldn't even know where to find a snooze button.

  9. I wake between 5:30 and 6:00 but it's just my body clock. No alarm. I love the early hours!

  10. The TV in our room is programmed to turn on (quietly) at 6.20am. This means it doesn't always wake us straight away, it is a more gradual awakening and we are up and at 'em by 6.45am. :-)


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