Thursday, August 17, 2017

Day 2861 - The Lovin Life Linky - The Trucker Edition

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a truck driver?

I often wonder what it must feel like driving day in and day out, sitting high above the road looking down on the cars with a bird's eye trucker's eye view of the world.

Driving the same stretches of road with nothing to fill in the hours other than a familiar view and some two way radio.  I wonder if whether the destination and the chance to chat to new people as you unload the rig is the highlight of the day.

On my regular day trips from Canberra to Sydney, I see a shit load truck load of trucks and I ponder about the life of a driver.

Last weekend I got to drive my very first truck.

We had the annual ACT Regional Cheerleading Competition which I project manage.  Each year we hire a truck to collect all of the safety flooring from the cheerleading squads around the ACT to use at our event and then we transport it all back again when the comp is over.

We usually have one of the dads or husbands do the truck duties (because, you know, stereo types), but last weekend I volunteered to return the goods, post-event.

Now before you start visualising me in a blue singlet, flanny shirt, tats and trucker cap (again with the stereo type), I should point out my rig was not that big.

This was not the truck I was driving

This is more like the truck I was driving
I drove a Mitsubishi 3 tonner and I was relieved to discover it was an auto.  In fact, it's possible it's not considered a truck at all.  Perhaps it's more of a van?

In any case I'm claiming it as a truck and I can now safely say I've ticked another item off my bucket list before it had even made it onto the list (because I didn't realise I'd always wanted to drive a truck until I'd actually done it).

So how was it?

Well it was daunting having to drive it on my own and in the dark for the first time.  Plus learning to rely solely on the side mirrors meant my visibility was low.  I also found it quite "bouncy" with the extra springy seats and it felt odd to have no "nose" on the vehicle.  I felt like I could easily fall through the front glass.  But it was fun driving from one side of Canberra to the other above the rest of driving world.  And it was cool to park my rig out the front of my house for the night.

The best part of it was travelling from cheer gym to cheer gym delivering all the stuff the next day. Climbing in and out of the truck in my jeans and boots, having to open those back doors and haul myself inside.  Using trolleys to cart stuff back and forth.  Working out where the petrol tank is and how to fill it with Diesel. Oh, and reversing and hearing the beeps as I angled my way backwards down long drive-ways - super cool.  I was only one step away from spitting on the sidewalk and scratching my balls.  Because that's what truck drivers do, yeah?

Anyway, that's what I'm lovin' about life this week.  Getting the chance to drive a truck.

Have you driven a truck?

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a trucker?

Are you guilty of having a stereo-typical image of truck drivers?

Here's an interesting post about "dealing with stereotypes" at 

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  1. I dislike even driving cars and don't drive at night. I think I'd make a terrible truck driver haha.

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. I used to drive a lot as a rep and I did think about it. And thought it wouldn't be fun. However, I still spend a lot of time in the car and churn thru audio books so there would be that upside....

  3. As I mention in today's blog post, I'm still fantasising a little about the 'van-life' thing and keep looking at renovated school buses and mini buses made into mobile homes - with a bohemian twist obviously! I do note though that every so often someone will mention needing a licence once the bus or van or truck gets over a certain size.

    I don't like driving so think I'd hate being a truck driver, but it's probably like any other jobs. You have no choice / have to do it for the money; or if you're more fortunate there are bits you like and bits you hate.

  4. Yes we see sooooo many trucks on the M1...double-bogeys and all. I 'hate' those truck drivers who decided to 'overtake' another truck, going up a hill....and slow me and other drivers down from 110 to about is damned dangerous! As for what you did...go you! We hired a small truck for our part of initial move from Sydney and even though he was experienced driving vans I don't think my hub enjoyed it much. Glad you succeeded with your truck! Mind you, I am grateful to the many truck drivers (the safe driving ones!) who, as one of the slogans I saw said, 'without trucks Australia stops'. Yep. we need our deliveries of food and mail don't we? Happy Thursday Leanne!

  5. LOL - my favourite line "I was only one step away from spitting on the sidewalk and scratching my balls. Because that's what truck drivers do, yeah?" The vision in my head from this line has me laughing my head off. How cool to drive a truck - yep it's a truck - not a van at all! #TeamLovinLife

  6. I've never driven a truck :) I don't really like driving so I don't think being a truck driver would be for me.

  7. We hired a truck like that recently to help the outlaws downsize! No way I was driving though, that was up to the hubster. However I did help Miss 20 shift recently and I towed a trailer for the first time! PS this line cracked me up: I was only one step away from spitting on the sidewalk and scratching my balls. !!!

  8. My dad was a truckie! My first experience driving a truck was behind the wheel of a road train on a gravel road. I was terrified!

  9. This really tickled my fancy, Leanne!! We certainly do have a stereotype for truckers, don't we??
    But I bet it was one of those times you felt like you accomplished a goal!! Super fun (and I'd call it a truck, definitely!!)

  10. I'm not game to try driving a truck. It looks like a very stressful job - deadlines, safety and the sheer size of the vehicles. Good on you though for giving it a go

    SSG xxx

  11. Ha ha! The image of you spitting on the pavement and scratching your balls was terrifying! Sounds like you rather enjoyed your truck driving gig. It might be a new career for you!

  12. Wow! Go you!! I have nightmares about having to reverse anything bigger than my little Mazda 2. I think I could drive forward okay but changing lanes and going backwards brings me out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. Glad you enjoyed it so much.

  13. Love the imagined thought of you in a blue singlet, flanny shirt, tats and trucker cap - LOL! When my hubby and I had an antique shop, we had a truck. Its size was in between your pics. I never drove it, but I have the utmost respect for the good truck drivers out there. Car drivers need to be more aware of the limitations a truck has - they take a LOT longer to stop than a car (especially with a full load), but a lot of car drivers just dart in front and slam on the brakes at the lights. It's only the skill of the truck driver that stops them being squashed! I've never driven a truck, but I learnt to drive on a tractor (close but no cigar!) :) #TeamLovinLife

  14. Can honestly say, I never thought about this. Our family is quiet stereotyped about driving, but more because hubby loves driving and I don't. As for the truck, I never thought about relying only on the mirrors. That sounds scary. And, your truck was plenty big.

  15. No can't imagine ever driving a big truck, especially around the city. Being a passenger in a huge truck on long rural drives would be great though. Being up high, looking over other traffic to make the most of the scenery would be awsome. Well done you for taking this on and getting the job done.


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