Monday, August 21, 2017

Day 2865 - Did you know the term "selfie" originated in Australia?

How long have you been saying "selfie"? 

A selfie is a photograph of yourself, taken by yourself. I personally use the term for any photo taken where the photographer is actually in the photo (whether they are alone or in a group).

I know we Aussies claim a lot of things and I am pleased to announce that the word "selfie" is one of them.

According to The Guardian (USA)   "it seems almost certain the selfie originated in Australia with a young drunk first using the word to describe a self-portrait photograph more than a decade ago."

Quote: Oxford Dictionaries says in mid-September 2002, an Australian wrote on ABC online: "Um, drunk at a mates 21st, I tripped ofer [sic] and landed lip first (with front teeth coming a very close second) on a set of steps. I had a hole about 1cm long right through my bottom lip. And sorry about the focus, it was a selfie."

The "young drunk" later admitted he didn't actually make up the word, but that it was a word commonly used in Australia at the time.  It was part of his everyday vocab.

Given we Aussie's tend to put an "ie" on many words to shorten them (Aussie is a case in point) it's probably safe to say that the word "selfie" wasn't coined by anyone in particular, but that people all over our wide brown land shorted self-portrait naturally.

I feel like it's been in our vocab forever.

Long before phone cameras and even before digital cameras I was taking self-portraits.

I think every roll of film I'd get processed I'd have a bunch of very out of focus photos of myself and my friends taken with a film camera 20, 25, 30 years ago.  I think I may even have negatives showing me trying to snap myself in front of major tourist attractions as I travelled around the USA on my own back in 1991.  I don't recall what I called these photos but I can't ever remember NOT using the word selfie.  Is it possible the word has actually been around forever?

I don't have any of these fuzzy old photos to share with you today but I can share some of my more recent selfies.

My bestie and I have a tradition of taking selfies every time we see each other

The photo bomb selfie

A selfie is a must on date night

Special days deserve family selfies (Mothers Day)

Selfies with your mum are a must

Even 95 year olds are into selfies

How long have you been saying the word "selfie"?

Did you take self portraits back before camera phones and digital cameras?

Did you know the term "selfie" quite probably originated in Australia? 


  1. I didn't know that the word had originated here, but I remember taking selfies back in late high school (1994-1996)!

  2. It never occurred to me that the term 'selfie' originated here in Australia but it doesn't surprise me! lol It's such an Aussie word with the 'ie' on the end. So typical! :-)

  3. I think I've only tried them on digital cameras :) Not sure how it'd go on film! The first one I tried was when I was alone in a funky place and I wanted "proof" that I had been there haha.

  4. Lovely selfies Leanne and of course an Aussie would come up with that term LOL:) I didn't know that fact but as Min says it doesn't surprise me. Have a great week!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  5. Your family and friends are so photogenic! My selfies always come out washed out, with one eye going one way and the other looking at the camera. I'm not very good at them to be honest. I don't know how people get photos of themselves and whatever's behind them.

  6. I did not know the term originated here! Love your selfies Leanne!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  7. I first "heard" the term online as a reference to a Big Brother contestant taking "selfies" in the mirror in their intro video and I thought - brilliant word, internet commentator, I will use that in future. I do remember taking them on my 90s Hanimex film camera (and having to post the film away to be developed for $24.95 and waiting a week or so to get them back!!)

  8. I didn't know it was an Aussie term (not surprising I guess seeing we have a fondness for abbreviations!) I'm no selfie queen I'm afraid - I can see from all these selfie pics that I need to up my game immediately!

  9. I didn't know an Aussie coined the term. Makes sense, though. We like that sort of thing! Great selfies x

  10. I also didn't know that the word originated here. I hardly ever take any selfies as I am not very photogenic. Your photos are stunning!!

  11. Thanks for sharing that info!!! I didn't know that the term originated from here but it makes perfect sense that it did! Us Aussies and our slang!

  12. That's awesome if we Aussies invented the 'selfie'. Love it! Your pics are super. I did not do 'selfies' until I had an iPhone and it has only been in recent years I've taken the step to 'put me in the picture too'. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 32/52. Next week: Mindfulness.


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