Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Day 2873 - How much do you actually see?

Do you notice that you stop seeing things after a while?

The more I look at this eye, the creepier it becomes (sorry about that)

Sometimes I like to look at things from a visitor's point of view.  Really look around me like I'm seeing my surroundings for the first time.

Driving from Sydney to Canberra I often wonder what our landscape must look like to a foreign visitor.  So I look .... really look ... with brand new "just arrived in Australia" eyes.

I also do it around my neighbourhood and inside my own home. It's another little exercise in mindfulness.  See yesterday's post.

Ever notice how you get used to your own surroundings and you don't necessarily see things anymore.  Actually SEE them.

Perhaps you have boxes piled in a corner that have simply become part of the furniture because they've been there so long.  You no longer see them as mess or unfinished business.  They become part of your home. Yet if you went to somebody else's home you might see a similar pile of boxes and actually see them, wondering what must be in the boxes and why they haven't been unpacked yet.

On the weekend I looked inside my fridge.  As I stood there taking it all in I suddenly started to see my fridge for the first time.

It was revolting.

Seriously.  If I walked into somebody's house and opened their fridge and it looked like mine, I would probably dry retch and never eat anything they served me ever again.

Now before you start picturing science experiences and green stuff, there was only one science experiment.  That was a punnet of strawberries that had fallen off a shelf and was caught on one of the lower rungs behind the jars of pickles.  Let's just say strawberries don't go green.  They go black.

But as I looked inside my fridge I saw stuff I don't normally focus on.  How does tomato sauce get splattered on the roof ?  Why are there pieces of deli paper stuck to the top shelf?  What is that brown sticky stuff?  Do we really need 27 jars of condiments and how far out of date is that apple sauce waaayyyyy at the back? (OK, I lied, there was another science experiment.)

Needless to say my little foray into mindfulness ended up as a one hour exercise in decontamination.

I pulled out every morsel of food and every shelf and cleaned that fridge until it was as close to new as I could manage.

27 jars become 11. The Jackson Pollock sauce splatter (which was more far reaching than I'd first realised) was gone.  The brown sticky stuff which I believe may be coke ... or golden syrup ... or  possibly another science experiment ... was handled with a scourer.

I got the fridge back to a point where I could be proud to open it again.

Anyway, my fridge confessional is a very long way of saying it got me to wondering how much I've actually been missing lately.  Because I'm just going through the motions and not actually SEEING things.

I've decided it's time to open my eyes.  It's time to start fresh.  

How much do you actually see?

Do you ever try to look at your world with fresh eyes?

How's your fridge?  


  1. You know that saying "can't see the wood from the trees" well in our fridge, you can't see the food from the stockpiling! I too took matters into my own hands this week and gave the fridge a pre-spring clean before we go on our big trip. Surprisingly, there were no science experiments and I'm loving it's minimalist look. Too bad it won't look like this for long!

  2. I have done this. I'm guilty of the same disregard for the fridge and it gets so grubby?! How?!

  3. I often look at things from a visitor's point of view. I had no idea it's an exercise in mindfulness!

  4. I see our fridge is revolting but I like to pretend I don't.

  5. I like to take slightly different streets - if I'm on the way home from an errand I sometimes just randomly drive down another residential street to see what it looks like. Being in a commute-home cycle I really do feel like I lack visual stimulation sometimes.

  6. I do this every now and then but really should do it more. I am more likely to hear what people say or do from their perspective... putting myself in their shoes and understand why they are doing what they are doing. #teamIBOT

  7. I do this. My office has become our junk room where stuff lives in between being donated or sold. And some things I just don't know where to put. So it lives here, making my office look chaotic instead of peaceful.

  8. Because our fridge (family-sized) only serves 2 people who eat little fresh foods these days (he limits what he can eat...and you know I cannot eat anything requiring chewing or crunchy) so our fridge is a tad bear. Lots of water bottles (I get into these) milk, OJ, eggs, butter and remainders of fresh bread which will become toast, cheese and maybe one tomato, some lettuce and an onion. Sad but true...oh and a whole shelf for chocolate because I can eat chocolate!! Denyse x

  9. Oh yes! I'm one of those people who can kinda 'tune out' the mess. In fact, I'm most organised when I'm messy. I take after my Dad! It might look like a pile of papers on my desk, but I can tell you exactly where everything is in that pile. When I tidy things it takes me a while to find them again as I can picture them in the mess in my head!

    If I didn't have hubby commenting that I'd left something on the floor or my regular monthly fridge cleans I'd get into a very messy state I'm sure, haha!


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