Monday, September 11, 2017

Day 2886 - The A to Z of Me

No blog is complete without an A-Z post

It's Monday and I had no idea what to write about.  So I thought I might start the week off introspectively.

Today it's all about ME.  More specifically it's the A to Z of me.

Grab your cuppa ...

A is for AWKWARD because I'm prone to public displays of oopsy.

B is for BRUNETTE because that's my hair colour according to the box of hair dye.

C is for COMMITTED which is both my strength and my weakness.

D is for DRIVEN because I wrote a post about it once and it kind of still applies.

E is for EVOLVING because this ageing caper is exactly that

F is for FUCKITY FUCKITS because there are times when we all suffer from that particular syndrome

G is for GOBBILTY GOOP which is such a big part of this post

H is for HAPPINESS because isn't that ultimately what we all want?

I is for INTROVERT because the more I read about it, the more I realise that's actually who I am

J is for JUGS which is applicable now as my boobs get even bigger! What's up with that?

K is for KINDNESS because that's what I strive for daily

L is for LEGS which is what I'm trying to turn the tree trunks above my feet back into

M is for MUMMY which is my most loved title

N is for NANNY LEA which is my second most loved title

O is for OH SHIT I haven't ironed the school uniforms yet

P is for PLEASE because it's a word I use far too often as I try to encourage people to get shit done

Q is for QUESTIONS which I am prone to ask too many of

R is for REALITY because sometimes I like to escape it

S is for SPRING which will hopefully provide me with renewed energy and a healthier focus

T is for TRYING so hard to make my dreams come true

U is for the UGLY big pimple on the side of my neck

V is for VICTOR because it's better than being a victim

W is for WILL power, WILLingness and I WILL

X is for feeling eXtremely tired (and it's only Monday?)

Y is for only being as YOUNG as I feel.  Which according to X is way older than I actually am.

Z is for ZERO letters left in the alphabet.

Happy Monday! 

Want to add to my list?  

Any of these apply to you?  


  1. Love these! I can identify with a few on this list...actually, nearly all of them...

  2. Oh I didn't pick you as an introvert. Great list!

  3. Thanks for a fun post to start my week Leanne - very creative!

  4. A fun read Leanne. At times I was having a little giggle to myself. Love the natural way you right. Hope that tired feeling lifts and you enjoy a great week ;)

  5. Haha, love it! Yes to the fuckity fuckits. As for the jugs, maybe get them checked if you haven't already...

  6. Love the list. I don't iron (much) but my Oh Fuck is I haven't washed (or hung out) the school uniforms yet! We share a few other similitaries too.


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