Monday, September 18, 2017

Day 2891 - Taking Stock

Where are we at in life?

It does the mind good to take stock from time to time.  To just stop and reflect on where we are up to. The focus helps us to age positively.

Fellow blogger Pip from "Meet Me at Mikes" has a standard checklist she uses for her taking stock posts.  Prompted by Denyse Whelan I thought I might use Pip's template today to have a look at what's been happening in the land of the Deep Fried.

Making:  Absolutely nothing because who has time for craft?
Cooking:  Chili con carne
Drinking: Tea, water and some damn fine bourbon on the rocks (not at the same time)
Reading:  Big Little Lies
Trawling:  For Nike track pants for my son who's travelling to Japan at the end of the week and needs trackies before he goes
Wanting: Warmer days
Looking:  At all the cash on my desk given to me by the soccer team to buy coach a gift to present to him tonight
Deciding:  What to wear to my meeting this afternoon with the ACT Government about funding for possible TV show
Wishing:  Our big grown up girl didn't have to keep going through her cancer journey
Enjoying: Looking at photos of the model daughter from Friday night's formal.
Waiting: For my new carpet and lounge suite to arrive
Liking: How cheap strawberries are right now as I eat them by the punnet
Wondering: If I can magically lose 6kg in the two weeks before my school reunion
Loving: That my boys final assignment for this term is handed in today
Pondering: When the rest of the family's "marriage law postage survey" will arrive. I've got mine!
Listening: To my Facebook ding as my bestie in the USA sends me videos of her day
Considering: Whether my kids magazine has a future and whether or not I'll get Issue (3) out this week
Buying:  The aforementioned Nike track pants and hoping they arrive before Friday.
Watching:  Gilmore Girls "A Year in the Life"
Hoping:  That we find out today that the big grown up girl's lesions on the spine are not cancer (see Wishing above)
Marvelling: At how much hair a dog can shed around the house
Cringing: At the words that come out of some peoples mouths
Needing: To vacuum the house yet again due to the Marvelling above
Questioning: Whether or not someone might be stealing our "marriage law postal surveys" from our mail box.
Smelling: Dog
Wearing: Flanny PJs, slippers and dressing gown (yep, it's still that cold at dawn)
Noticing: The dust under the lounges which means furniture wrangling when I vaccuum
Knowing: That times are going to be tough as we face the outcomes and full out from Wishing and Hoping
Trouble-shooting: The oven which caught on fire last week
Thinking: About far too many real life things
Admiring: Anyone in a warmer climate and anyone without cancer in their life
Getting: A headache
Bookmarking:  Personal empowerment videos to keep me motivated and energised
Opening: My diary so I can start working out my weekly to-dos
Closing: The bedroom door so my typing doesn't wake the rest of the house
Feeling:  Sick and like life is throwing us a few too many challenges this year
Dreaming:  Of blue skies, golden sands, turquoise water and a rockin' bikini bod
Hearing: A pug snore
Celebrating: The end of the out door soccer season and my first year as communications officer for the club
Pretending: I'm super human with the ability to do it all and keep smiling in the process
Embracing:  My new notebook which has brand new pages in which to start fresh.

How are you tracking?

Do you take stock?

Feel free to use Pip's template to help with your thought processes.

Happy Monday! 


  1. You've always got so much on. I'm intrigued about the meeting with the government re the TV show! Sounds exciting!!!

    And you SO don't need to worry about how you look for your school reunion as you look amazing!

    I wasn't a huge fan of the Big Little Lies book, and I (mostly) enjoyed The Gilmore Girls (Year in the Life).

    Good luck finding those tracksuit pants!

  2. I've got everything crossed that the lesion is nothing serious. That must be a rough wait for news. As always you sound busier than anyone I know, but you seem to be juggling it well.

  3. Sounds like a tough time right now with big challenges!

    A possible TV show sounds exciting however! Is it for Cheer Chick Charlie?


  4. Fingers, toes,arms, legs,eyeballs, everything crossed for your daughter's results and the funding. Hope you're enjoying a celebratory Bourbon or two very soon xo

  5. I've just finished reading Big Little Lies & found it an easy read, which I happily escaped to for while before turning out the light each evening. Fingers crossed for some good news re the medical results & your funding.

    Jenni | Unclutter Your Universe

  6. I had to laugh at what you weren't making this month because I started my review with craft! I hope all is well regarding your health and that you get that funding.

    SSG xxx

  7. I do - I found time for craft (and blogged about it)! haha A TV show - OMG! You're on fire! I am so sorry about your big girl. Life can be so unfair sometimes! 6kgs? Where are you hiding 6kg? There'd be nothing left of you if you lost 6kg!

  8. Wow sounds like you have a lot going on. I love a good taking stock post as it really gets you thinking and pondering on life. I hope the medical results bring you good news. Take care x #teamIBOT

  9. Oh Leanne what a mix of the ups and the downs in your taking stock. I HATE that kids and young people get cancer more than I hate that I got cancer. I have had 67 years of life experiences. Younger people have not. It is rotten and I just hope she gets some respite from the rotten disease soon. As for sourcing out of season clothing for people going on trips to another hemisphere it is hard. The seasons here never really match what is going on outside because places have end of season sales in June. I can see why you have the headache my friend. Your list up there tells me why. I hope you get some peaceful times soon. Denyse xx Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 36/52. Next week's prompt: Beach or Bush.

  10. I love a good taking stock post. Hope your big girl gets good news - the waiting is the worst! And I hope you feel better soon.

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