Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Day 2893 - Overcoming Obstacles

Happy Wellness Wednesday! 

An important part of our overall health is our mind health.  Particularly when we are trying to achieve results and we keep hitting fences.

So today I thought I'd have a quick chat about overcoming obstacles.

Limiting beliefs often let us down. It is that stuff in our head that suggests we are not being realistic, or it is just too hard, or "who am I to think I can do that".  Limiting beliefs limit our possibilities.  

The term “realistic” or “reality” is only the truth as we know it today.  What is realistic for us today can be totally different tomorrow.  As we start to explore the possibilities and push the limiting beliefs aside, our reality changes.  

As we go down the path to possibility and to a new reality we may encounter hurdles.  We will face setbacks and the doubt will start to creep back.  Often people give up and rather than create a new reality they remain secure in their old limited comfort zone.  That’s standard.  But there are exercises we can do to help us overcome those obstacles and push forward.

How to push through your limiting beliefs.

Firstly, what is it you're setting out to achieve?  Is it a diet, exercise program, study, a new career? 

Write it down. 

Now, has something happened to halt your progress?  What was it that made you go off your diet, stop exercising regularly, put your assignments to the side, pull out of the job interview?  

Think about it and write it down.  Write down all the reasons you believe your progress has been derailed. Ask yourself, what happened to take me off course? 

Now really look carefully at what you've written. What was your reason for the halt in progress? In all seriousness, could it have not been a reason at all but an excuse?

Be honest with yourself.  Were there other ways you could have succeeded despite the difficulties?Forward progress, particularly progress into a new reality is difficult and you usually need to make sacrifices.  So positive forward movement may take some creativity and a detour outside the comfort zone. 

With that in mind, now write down how you could have continued down the path to success.

Remember, as you move forward to achieve your results excuses will be everywhere, but don't let them be the reason you don't make progress.

Success is a choice! What will you choose?

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  1. Oh yes, I like that idea of reframing the things we call obstacles. I'm often too quick to make excuses and take the easy way out and think I need to 'own' that more.


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