Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Day 2900 - Wellness Wednesday - Cafe Culture

Cafe Culture is in! 

One coffee drinker tells me that Coogee Salt serves the best coffee in that region

According to Roy Morgan Research there's a considerable rise in cafe culture in Australia and it's possible we're getting healthier as a result.

The research compared the eating habits of more than 24,000 Aussies from a 2006 survey with more than 14,000 in 2016 to see what changes we are making to our eating habits.  Among other things, the study showed that home delivered pizza is dropping with people opting for day time visits to their local cafe for the likes of avo smash instead. 

I am personally a big fan of cafes.  Not because of the coffee (I don't drink it) but because of the menu. 

I really enjoy cafe food and I'm finding the range of healthier options very appealing. Especially at beach side establishments.  The combination of the fresh salty air, herbal tea varieties and all day breakfasts holds a certain appeal.

Cafes also go hand-in-hand with exercise for me.  A long walk finishing in brunch is the ultimate day out. On these days my cafe meal replaces dinner as the big meal of the day.

My most recent find has been the Coogee Salt cafe in the Eastern Sydney suburb of Coogee. 

Wandering along the ocean clifftops to Bronte and back, with avo smash promised on my return, inspires my wellness.   It helps that the owner Michele is a friend of mine and we get to catch up as I refuel. 

Image borrowed from Coogee Salt Instagram

Lovely decor

Traditional cafe food with a modern twist
Lamb burger with sweet potato fries

Avocado smash with a side of egg

Chicken & Spiced pumpkin salad with hummus, dukkah, avocado, cherry tomatoes, rocket & caramelised balsamic
Granola bowl
So on this Wellness Wednesday I encourage you to go for a big long mid-week walk and reward yourself with a cafe meal on return. 

Join the cafe culture revolution!

Oh, and if you're in Coogee, check out Coogee Salt and tell Michele that I sent you.

Happy Wellness Wednesday! 


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