Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Day 2918 - When a clock is so much more than a clock

A moment in time.

Who would have thought this tatty old clock could have a back story?

They say everyone has a story; a life so interesting you would totally sit down and watch their midday movie. 

But what about their stuff?  Could people's stuff have a back story too?

We recently recarpeted the entire house.  Which means we had to drag all of the furniture out of the bedrooms and pile it in the floor boarded rooms to get it all out of the way.

I very kindly scheduled this momentous event for when the hubster and our lad were in Japan for soccer.  I guess I use the word "kindly" loosely because while I may have been kind to them, it wasn't so kind for my parents who ended up spending the day helping me to dismantle each room and then put it all back together again. 

Anyway, during the overhaul Derek's alarm clock died. It just stopped working. No display, no radio, no power, no life.  Dead.

It occurred to me that this clock had been around for a really long time.  In fact, I've known this clock for as long as I've know D.  So while I originally wound the chord around it and prepared it for burial (ie the bin) I then thought better of it and waited for D's return to see what he'd like to do. 

Let me tell you a little bit about this clock. 

This is the clock that would tell me what time I should head home when D and I were dating. 

It's the clock that woke him up on our wedding day. 

It's the clock that told me my waters broke at 4.33pm on Friday 24 September 1999.

It's the clock that reminded us how many times a baby needs feeding in the night. 

This clock gets us up at dawn to catch flights to wondrous places in the world. 

It's the clock that gets our boy to school on time.  

It's the clock we stare at at 3.09am wondering why we can't fall back to sleep. 

It's the clock that yells "WAKE UP AND SEIZE THE DAY" at 5.00am. 

When I told the hubster that our time piece was cactus, he shrugged with a bummer look in his eyes then continued on with his day.  I mentioned to him that the clock had had a good life. It had been around for at least 23 years that I could account for.

Little did I know that the clock not only had a story, it also had a back story.  BM (before me).  

With a nostalgic tone D told me that he'd won that clock 30 years ago when he was awarded the annual MVP award at basketball.  Selected by his team mates and peers he was presented with the clock in a cloud of controversy as the coach openly announced that he personally wouldn't have chosen D for the prize.  D's supporters were appalled at the coach's words and lack of support and quit the club in protest to play for a new team.  

I'm not sure the story actually went like that but I'm producing this midday movie and that's the script as I recall it.

So while this clock is somewhat significant to me and the story of our marriage, it is a hell of a lot more significant to my husband.  It is a reminder of who he was 30 years ago and a symbol of the strength of his friendship group (friends who are still with him today).  

Sometimes a clock is so much more than a clock.

Everyone has a story.  

Is it possible that everything has a story too?

What the bloody hell do I do with a broken clock?  


  1. You bin it, usually. But that one deserves a proper burial :)

  2. I'm with Amy, but now that you have written about it, the clock will live on. x

  3. Get it fixed....This is a great post. I love where you went with that.

  4. Lol. I'd be sorely tempted to tell it where to go if it yelled at me at 5am ��.

  5. As a wannabe minimalist, I say give it a respectful burial but your memories are of the thing, not in the thing. Those stories will always be yours to tell and those memories of all those special moments yours to treasure.

  6. Aw hard to throw that one away now! Next, your mattress will be given the same treatment! It’s hard to part with some things.

  7. Bin it! The memories still exist :)

  8. That is seriously so cool! You've got me wondering what happened to Dave's alarm clock that he had when we lived with his parents. The clock that hangs in kitchen at my Mum's place was a wedding gift (or maybe engagement gift) and it's still ticking, almost 40 years later. The things that clock has seen! Great post, Leanne. You've got me wondering what objects in my house could tell a story like that.

  9. Man, you need to fix that clock. It has to stay. It's too special! #teamIBOT

  10. Love this. And I think you captured it perfectly to live on as a documented memory. If you were a scrap booker you could add a page with your words and a photo. Amazing how "things" as basic as a clock can be viewed through such a lens of significance.


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