Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Day 2919 - Wellness Wednesday - Nostalgic Exercise

Let's take a walk down memory lane.

Last weekend I found myself at my Alma Mater as I waited for my son to finish his one-on-one soccer training.  So rather than hang around idly I put on my sneakers and went for a wander through the university grounds to take a trip down memory lane.

I walked along the roads I used to drive down, through carparks I used to park in, down the paths I used to walk on and around the residences I used to live in.

I walked up and down stairs, looked through doorways, peeked in windows, went into lecture theatres, checked out the bar, saw the refectory and wandered off the paths and into the trees to fully capture every part of my old stomping ground.  The whole while taking video and photos to share with my uni pals via our messenger chat group.

Before I knew it I'd clocked up an hour of my time and 4km worth of exercise on the FitBit.

It was not only a lovely way to spend my Saturday morning but I also got some exercise as well as a journey back to the mindset of an adolescent girl who had the world at her feet.

See this letter I wrote to my 20 year old self on Monday.

So on this Wellness Wednesday I thought we might highlight nostalgic walks as a great tool for mind, body and spirit. Taking a walk through an environment that brings back good memories of your younger self.

Suggestions might be:

  • Walking around the grounds of your school or university
  • Going back to the house you grew up in and walking the streets from home, to the corner shop, to school and back again.
  • Finding your grandparents house to wander around the area, past the neighbours, to the playground and to where they'd buy you ice-cream or lollies.
  • Finding that hill you used to climb as a child or young teen that took you on crazy wild adventures and gave you a taste of independence. 
  • Going to that holiday spot your family visited regularly and walking the beach, through the trees and along the bush tracks
If you could go on a nostalgic walk, where would you go?

What trips could you take down memory lane?

Had any nostalgic exercise lately?

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  1. All age in due time, but I feel it is just a mindset, your approach to life keeps the age. Ageing with grace is what one must learn.


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