Monday, November 20, 2017

Day 2952 - Taking Stock

So, where are things at in this crazy adventure we call "life"?

Marvelling at the Christmas trees at Bondi Junction during
our day trip to Sydney for soccer on Saturday 
Apparently it's only a month before Christmas.


How did that happen?

Apparently it's also only a few weeks until we host our annual Christmas bash.  Shit again.  Nothing like the end of year looming to send me into hyperventilation mode.

So given I'm saying "shit" a lot, and given I'm starting to hyperventilate, I think it might be time to take stock using the template created by Pip Lincoln from Meet Me At Mikes.

Taking Stock:

Making my usual Monday to-do list so I can ensure I create some "ta-dahs"

Cooking bacon and eggs for my growing teenage boy for breakfast

Drinking way too many iced lattes from McDonalds which is really weird given I don't drink coffee

Reading draft policy documents and premier league lists as I continue to learn and get my head around the football club stuff I've taken on.

Wanting a magic wand that cleans showers

Looking at the piles of Cheer Kids Magazine on the floor next to my desk and wondering if I have time to create a marketing campaign.

Issue 3 of Cheer Kids Magazine is now available via the Cheer Chick Charlie online store,
or get the free e-magazine from ISSUU

Playing back the videos we took of our boy during his indoor soccer game yesterday.

Wasting paper as I print out stuff for the football club above

Creating a montage of soccer photos and video for our boy and wondering if I should put it to music.

Wishing that the big grown up girl didn't have to go through such radical surgery this week but also glad she is.

Enjoying the bird song, blue sky and sunshine that spring has handed us.

Waiting for my magnetic eyelashes to arrive in the mail because I'm one of those impulse shoppers who actually clicks on the Facebook ads.

Liking those iced lattes way too much.   (Am I an addict now?)

Wondering which of the dogs just farted and whether I should send them outside for some "fresh air".

These two are enjoying their spring swims
Loving that the head of a new distribution company is coming to my house this week to talk about taking Cheer Chick Charlie to the next level.

Hoping that this new distribution company can actually help me take Charlie overseas.

Marvelling at how dogs don't seem to be offended by the smell of their farts when I'm gagging and clearly struggling to breath through the fumes.

Needing as much support as possible over the coming weeks as we get the big grown up girl through this next chapter of her wellness.

Still Smelling dog fart.

Wearing the same clothes day in and day out because working out daily outfits is just not high on my priority list right now.

Following the dogs out the door as I finally kick them outside.

Noticing that smiling and laughter is still the best way to push through the worries that life throws at us.

Knowing that everything is going to be OK.

Thinking that we are damn lucky to have a team of experts who are willing to perform life saving spinal surgery on our big grown up girl.

Feeling grateful that we have so much and the support of so many.

Bookmarking recipes in case I'm ever feeling inspired in the kitchen.

My boy loves this salami pasta sauce

Opening email after email.

Giggling at all the memes and GIFs that go through my feed.

So that's where things are at in this crazy adventure we call "life".

When was the last time you took stock?

Any of this sound familiar?

Today's post was prompted by Denyse Wheelan as part of her Life This Week blog linky series.  


  1. A month til xmas??? Yikes. I just can't get my head there. I've done all the charity shopping but the gifts for the actual people I know? I just can't get excited about it. Guess we better visit Santa soon to lock it in....Magnetic eyelashes? Please do a post on that. They sound a little terrifying to me!

  2. Christmas has crept up far too fast. Now I am in panic-mode. Glad I can’t smell your dog’s farts from here!!

  3. We're both bookmarking recipes! Best of luck with the new distributor and may Charlie continue to soar in 2018!

    SSG xxx

  4. Our family get together is 17th Dec as we have a blended family it makes it easier for everyone. I've seen those ads for magnetic eyelashes but not sure I could use them - probably poke my eye out. I'd be interested in your review. Best of luck with your meeting with the distributor and huge hugs and best wishes to your girl as she continues on her difficult journey.

  5. I'm so happy it's only a month until Christmas. I could use some time off :)

  6. When you invent that magic wand that cleans showers, I will be first in line. It can't already be a month to Christmas... that can't be right. Ugh.

  7. You're not the only one swearing a bit too much at the moment. We are in counting sleeps stage now, which always makes me anxious. When you are done with your magic wand can I borrow it?

  8. I can't wait to read your review on the magnetic eyelashes, i'm sure if i tried them it would not end well. I was trying to forget all about christmas this year, as we will probably be moving in the next few weeks and was hoping not to take the tree with us. However, as the teen will be finished his exams in a few days and is keen to make the cake again this year. I suppose I will just go with it.

  9. I have commented earlier but google seems to be playing up for me...will now comment under different account. Sorry! Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 45/52. Next week's prompt: Best Birthday Ever.

  10. LOL I see you posted this on 20 November - my daughter's birthday. I usually don't even think about Christmas til that's out the way but then it's full steam ahead as I know it's 5 weeks to the day after that!

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