Thursday, November 30, 2017

Day 2962 - The Lovin Life Linky - Most Active Gran edition

My mum's a finalist in the Active Gran awards! 

So it's no secret that my mum is the bomb. She's the mum that will fly/drive/walk to the ends of the Earth to help family, friends and complete strangers.

Which is why I'm delighted that she's a finalist in the Yours Magazine Australia "Active Gran of the Year" awards

Yours Magazine is a relatively new fortnightly mag aimed at women in the 50 plus age group.  It was created to acknowledge an age group they felt was "somewhat marginalised by parts of society".

When I saw the Active Gran honour was up for grabs I chatted to all three kids and and asked if they thought we should nominate Nanny.  Their various responses were "Oh my God yes", "definitely" and "hell yeah!"

So we did and now she's one of three people vying for the title.

Getting the phone call to say she was a finalist was very cool and seeing that she got one of the top three spots after they had received "hundreds of entries, all of them amazing" is even cooler.

Just so you can see why we nominated her, my full entry is below.

When it comes to grand-parenting, my mum gives Active Grandparent a whole new definition.  Given only weeks to live over 30 years ago (acute myeloid leukemia), she has been defying the odds and living life to the full ever since. Whether  it be going with Dad on worldly adventures in her 60s(Machu Picchu, African safari, boating through Laos, China, the Australian outback) or travelling to remote island villages to volunteer (helping build a cyclone proof community centre in the Solomon Islands and creating fresh waters supplies in PNG) she’s showing all of us how we can not only enjoy life, but give back in the process.  She is active in her local community of Goulburn (fundraising, charity work, helping refugees, assisting the ill, driving patients to Canberra for doctor’s appointments) and in her spare time she goes to art galleries, musicals, Zumba classes, yoga and hikes.   She lives an hour away from us and will appear on our doorstep instantly if we need help.  She loves family get-togethers and will travel to the other side of the world to be with us if necessary. She is not only active in the lives of her two grandkids, step-grandchild and step-great-granddaughter, but also steps up for people who no longer have grandparents.  At  69, she does it all with positivity, energy, style and culture.    It is my honour to nominate her for this award. 

If you think she's a worthy recipient of the Active Gran of the Year award, we'd love love LOVE it if you could click the link and cast your vote for Brenda.


So that's what I'm lovin' about life this week.  The opportunity to give my mum some of the recognition she deserves.

What about you?

What's going on in your world?

Who would you nominate for Active Grand of the Year?

PS Thanks for all your messages of support at last week's Lovin' Life Linky for Chelsea and her surgery. We have been surrounded by positive energy which has helped tremendously. Unfortunately her surgery was halted due to complications and the medical team had to reassess her options.  It's been a frustrating and scary few days, but the good news is the surgery is now back on for Saturday.  Keep an eye on her Go Fund Me page for updates.  

*   *   *   *   *
It's Lovin' Life Linky time.

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  1. Just fantastic - a lovely good news story. You two look so similar too. (Scurries off to vote)

  2. Wow! Your mum sounds absolutely amazing!

    I'll definitely vote for her. She deserves to win!


  3. Leanne,
    Your mum is amazing! She must also be so proud of you and how you're also an amazing mum and gran.

    SSG xxx

  4. What a loving and lovely your mum is and I see MUCH of her in you and your life too. Have voted already for Mum! Keep putting reminders up in case I forget to do more. D xx PS all the very best wishes for Chelsea's surgery.

  5. Well done on nominating your amazing Mum for this award Leanne. You're so very lucky to have such an active and involved parent/grandparent in your lives! #VoteForBrenda :) x

  6. I saw this on Facebook and couldn't get over how young your mum is (not just in looks, but in how active she is). I think she certainly deserves to win this accolade. I will vote now! #TeamLovinLife

  7. How wonderful for you all! Congratulations and I'm sure you Mum is a fabulous Grandmother (although I think all grandmothers are pretty special, being one myself :) )

  8. Your mum sounds totally kick-ass!

  9. What a lovely story, Leanne! Congratulations.

  10. Your Mum is so young!! AND she so looks like she is your Mum! Funny that! She sounds like a wonderful lady just like her daughter. #TeamLovinLife

  11. I voted for her - and I hope she wins. Good on you for nominating her and I hope Chelsea's surgery goes off without a hitch on Saturday x

  12. Your mum has my vote, she's an amazing woman. Best wishes for

  13. Voting now. And I can only imagine how much you appreciate her in tough times like this. My mum is my rock. I know she says the same about me and did so when my dad was sick, in palliative care and after he passed away. They're very special, these mothers. xxx

  14. What a great thing to do. Good luck to your mom! I think I voted but I didn't get a confirmation?

  15. Of course I voted for her (although I'm not sure it counted since I live in the states)!!! You just have to love our mothers, and how incredible they are!!
    What a great daughter you are to nominate her!!

  16. And I am one more vote for your mum. Congrats on the successful nomination. good luck to your active mum.

  17. What an amazing lady. Congratulations Mum!

  18. That is the coolest thing I have read in ages. Good luck Gran.. XXXXX

  19. Brenda definitely has my vote - what a woman! Clearly the awesome gene runs strong in your family - you're quite the supergran too!

  20. She got my vote! <3 Good luck!


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