Monday, December 11, 2017

Day 2973 - Today I will ....

We're back home!

Trimming the tree with our grand-bub last night
Now that we're all back at home in Canberra-ville post surgery it's time for me to get back to some sort of normality.  And by "normality" I mean that weird hybrid of a "celebratory normality" combined with the "sheer panic normality" that exists around Christmas time.  Just writing that makes it seem very "un-normal" but for a family who has been travelling back and forth from Sydney and living in hotels and borrowed apartments, it's closer to normal than we've had in a while.

So while Chelsea doesn't have any "normality" yet with her return to Sydney tomorrow to get radiation underway, I am personally staying in Canberra for 4 days where I can get shit done.

So with all that said, today I will:

  • Blog on a Monday for the first time in weeks. Check! 
  • Help the model daughter apply for Uni
  • Get on top of some of Chelsea's paperwork
  • Ensure the coast house bookings for the holiday period are all under control and payments finalised
  • Start the process of changing distributors for Cheer Chick Charlie
  • Get information to a TV producer who is exploring the possibilities of Charlie for TV
  • Groceries
  • Washing
  • Wrap gifts
  • Buy more gifts
  • Book a beauty appointment (because I bloody need it! I've physically aged 10 years in the last few months.)
  • Express gratitude for all the things we have in our world
  • Visualise for the future
  • Tackle the day with energy and positivity
  • Go to the gym (who am I kidding - it's the last on the list and the first to get turfed when I run out of time)

It feels good to get back to writing lists of a Monday.  It feels ordered and like I've got some control.

It's Monday! My (second) favourite day.

What will you do today?  


  1. Wow Leanne a possible TV series that is excellent. I'm sure you are all looking forward to some R&R at the holiday home especially after the tough year you have all had. Enjoy your week!

  2. Some exciting things on that list!...and what a long list it is. On top of my list is getting through the work day without losing my's running a tad hot this morning & my usual methods are not helping so I'm reading blogs instead.

  3. The possibility of a TV series for Charlie sounds so exciting! I hope it comes to fruition for you!


  4. I've been thinking of you and am so pleased you're back home. There's so much happening on Planet DFF - great news about holiday house, Cheer Chick Charlie on TV and I'm hoping surgery went well. Thinking of you xx

  5. There are some great things on that to do list. Mine involves trying to convince myself to go for a run in the cold and the snow. Have a good week x

  6. That's a pretty impressive list.. lots of exciting things on there. And a few not-so-great ones I suppose. Fingers crossed for Chelsea and radiation treatment. I bet no one's ever said it'd be nice to relax into Christmas planning xx

  7. Your list had me both shaking my head and nodding. This lead up to Christmas has been fraught with so many emotions. You are doing so well...from my view anyway, because we all know that it's been an incredible challenge with Chelsea. Much love to you all and hoped for success with radiation treatment. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek48/52. Next week is the last link up and prompt for 2017 - Christmas Plans


I love hearing your thoughts! Keep them rolling in :)

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