Thursday, December 14, 2017

Day 2976 - The Lovin Life Linky - End of year edition

It's the end of school ... forever. 

Rabbit ears are important when one graduates.
Note: I am in high heels and my daughter is in flats. I'm just getting shorter and shorter ...

The big celebration this week is my first born's year 12 graduation.  We've got a lot to be proud of with this girl who has spent years juggling school with constant travel to and from Sydney, doing extra credit to finish school early, achieving great results, some achievement awards and spending four months living away from home.

The next celebration is that she's decided to move home, apply for university and go back to juggling the Sydney travel in between her classes.  She's had her gap 6 months where she lived her Bondi model life and has decided she doesn't want all her eggs in the one basket.  She's come home to study, save money and be with family.  We are delighted.

So in my lovin' life frame of mind this week, I'm lovin':

  • My daughter's year 12 graduation
  • The fact that all the kids are back in Canberra
  • Decorating the Christmas tree with the entire clan
  • Spray tans and hair cuts
  • Online Christmas shopping where parcels arrive at your door
  • Christmas lights
  • McDonald's iced lattes
  • Air conditioning
  • Husband's who oil the back deck and clean the yard in readiness for our Christmas party this weekend, 
  • A young teen who is on school holidays who doesn't need me to entertain him
  • Taking care of business
  • Personalised videos from Santa that you can send to the little people in your world (head to Portable North Pole to get yours) 
  • Sunshine and blue skies
  • Continual hope
  • The teamwork and support of family and friends
  • Catching up on lots of sleep
The "very special" Christmas fairy decoration Lola added to the tree

That's what I'm lovin' about life this week.

What about you?

Next week is the last Lovin' Life Linky for 2017.  The linky will take a break between Christmas and New Year but look forward to seeing you all back here on 4 January 2018.  I'll personally continue to blog over the entire period.  

*   *   *   *   *
It's Lovin' Life Linky time.

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  1. Sounds like you're loving the festive season Leanne. Merry Christmas to you and yours xox :) #TeamLovinLife

  2. So much to love this week, Leanne! Wonderful to have T back home.

    SSG xxx

  3. Happy Christmas to you. Glad your daughter is home. Congratulations on 1 finished school, hope the ATAR news is all good tomorrow(? or today?). May 2018 bring good health news to your clan, and a christmas miracle for your othe daughter. See you in the new year (after Feb.)
    Have a lovely break.

  4. Congratulations to your daughter! My twins graduated from Year 12 this year too and were up early this morning (for once - lol) to find out their HSC results! They both achieved amazing results. Now to wait for their resulting ATAR.


    1. Congrats to your daughters Ingrid! Let us know how they get on with their Uni choices!! D xx

  5. Oh wow. That is so awesome to see your lovely daughter there with you both. Oh, hot tip! Becoming shorter never changes you being in charge! I can vouch for that... I am very pleased to see that your girl is coming back home. What a joy that is because her heart is where you all are and like you said she can do the Sydney based work around Uni. I look forward to reading what course she is choosing. And, of course, it would be wonderful too that all continues to be as well as can be for Chelsea. Leanne, take a bow because 2017 has tested you more than most years. Denyse xxx

  6. Big milestones! I think it's so good to have those forays into adulthood so you can really decide the path you want to take.

  7. How wonderful that your daughter graduated and is back home. This is another new stage of your life and something to enjoy as you watch your children grow and fly the coop. You sound as though you're very into the Christmas spirit. It hasn't caught me just yet. #TeamLovinLife

  8. Congratulations on your daughter's gradutation - a new phase of life is about to begin! Yesterday my grandson and I put a 'Stop Here Please Santa' sign in his garden to ensure the Man in the Red Suit doesn't miss Ethan's house plus we made Christmas cookies for Mummy and Daddy. Such a lovely time of year. Have a fabulous and 'sizzling' 2018, Leanne.

  9. Oh that's exciting that you'll have T home again for a while and very sensible of her. I think it's important to have a backup plan and - who knows - that could become the thing she's passionate about in the end. Congrats to you all. And nice for you to have some positive news.... #teamlovinlife

  10. There's an awful lot to love there - I can only imagine how happy you are you have your kids back home. #TeamLovinLife

  11. So many amazing things to celebrate Leanne! I wish you and your family all the best for Christmas and the New Year x

  12. How nice to have your daughter home! Have a wonderful chirstmas x

  13. A lot to be thankful for and love about life there! I can't believe it's nearly Christmas though!

  14. How fabulous!!!
    This will be such a wonderful holidays now!!

  15. A big congratulations to the new graduate. Liam, reached this milestone almost a month ago now and is all set to start uni at the end of February. I was thrilled to read that your daughter has decided to move home and continue her education, while still being able to continue her modeling. We are nearing the end of the big downsize and move house week, so have not been bitten by the Christmas bug yet. I'm sure once I get to take a breather over the weekend and liam puts the lights and tree up, I will start to feel more festive.

  16. Congrats on your daughter's graduation, Leanne! Lots to love here and it looks like you'll have a wonderful Christmas.

  17. I think I've just seen my Christmas future in that I'm only 5 ft and my 7 year old is already up to my chin. I might need 7" heels!


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