Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Day 2981 - Six degrees of separation

I think Mark Wahlberg and I are actually friends 

Mark Wahlberg - Photo by Kathy Reesey (borrowed from Wikipedia)

Do you remember the game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon"?  About 15 years ago we'd all sit around and see how far removed we were from Kevin Bacon.  The idea is that apparently any two people on Earth are only six or fewer acquaintances apart. 

A couple of nights ago I wandered across the E True Hollywood Story on Mark Wahlberg. 

Marky Mark has always been a fave of mine and I'm now convinced that with only a couple of degrees of separation (and a whole host of other things in common) we are actually friends.  He just doesn't know it yet.

So I thought it was a fun game to see how many of us might actually know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody, who might know somebody, who knows Mark.

Here's how I fit the bill:

  • I met the American hip hop band Naughty By Nature in a bar in Sydney a couple of years ago (on my way to an AC/DC concert of all things) and they were constantly being pitted against Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch on the dance charts back in the day.  They both hit number 1 on the American Billboard charts in early October 1991 with their singles "Good Vibrations" and "O.P.P" and I'm pretty sure they all met each other at the American Billboard Awards that same year.  Seems likely?
  • When we were in LA a couple of years ago we hired a driver to take us around to all the tourist attractions (because it ended up cheaper than paying for four tickets on two days worth of those tourist buses).  That driver had driven for Mark in the past (he'd also driven for John Legend) and was able to show us Mark's house.  I was actually breathing Mark's neighbourhood air and may have soaked up some DNA in the car ride.  
  • I stopped by a Wahlbergers pop up store in Vegas and took a look inside.  Wahlbergers is owned by Mark and his brothers.  I touched a wall.  It's possible he touched the same wall.  

You see! We're totally friends.  We could almost be best friends, only we just haven't met yet.  With only a few degrees of separation we're basically walking in the same circles.  

Not to mention the fact that he apparently has a teenie tiny third nipple (little known fact: I also have a teenie tiny third nipple) and he was a CK underwear model (my husband wears CK underwear) suggesting we're practically related. 

Usually the degrees of separation are much further apart.  When I did the Kevin Bacon thing 15 years ago the closest I got was that I was in constant contact with the Chief Veterinary Officer of the USA (through my work) who had to brief the head of his department on a weekly basis, who would often head to the Whitehouse to brief staff over there, who would have to walk through a door guarded by this one guy, who was the same guy that guarded the door when Kevin Bacon visited the Whitehouse. I have no idea if it is the same guy at the door, nor do I actually know if Kevin Bacon has been to the Whitehouse, but it was a good story at the time and a way to show this six degree stuff really works. 

Anyway, I had fun trying to work out how close I could get to being friends with Mark Wahlberg given I got so damn close to Kevin Bacon all those years ago*.  

So, my questions for you today are:

Have you ever played Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?

How close can you get to Mark Wahlberg?

Is there someone "out of reach" that you can connect the dots to? 

*Since playing that game back in the day, I have now discovered I'm even closer to Kevin Bacon: I met Hugh Jackman at a 21st  birthday party back in 1990 (before he was famous) and Hugh Jackman hung out with Kevin Bacon in Radio City Hall at the Tony Awards in 2014.  


  1. Ha ha. I have never played the 6 degrees game. You will obviously be expecting a christmas card from Mark any day then! I have learnt lots about Mark I didn't know! :)

  2. Well, it seems I need to play this game, perhaps my luck could be changing!! :)

  3. I think the extra nipple seals the deal ;)

  4. Yep I can see that friendship from this side of my Mac...LOL

  5. You are having fun I can tell. I cannot recall ever playing the game but I do know that in teaching in NSW everyone seems to know everyone else or at least taught with them at some stage so you need to be VERY careful in conversations LOL. Thanks for sharing this! Denyse #teamIBOT

  6. You're a few steps (and one nipple) ahead of me in the degrees of separation. You are practically besties! I guess, that means I'm seven degrees of separation because you're Mark's bestie, and I know you :)

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