Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Day 2982 - Wellness Wednesday - Finding our inner child

Do you remember the joys of kidnom?

Remember what it was like to have a complete sense of wonder, awe, positivity and be in the land of anything is possible?  That time in our life when we were innocent and had very little responsibility?

No, I don't remember it either. I remember watching my own children go through it and feeling the joy as they explored kidnom.  But I don't remember actually being in that state myself. 

There is nothing greater than seeing a child laugh and have fun.  Watching them swing higher and higher, ride a bike with their legs out, skip down the path or enter a land of make believe wearing a cape made of garbage bags with a spatula as a sword. 

We just can't remember doing it ourselves.  But we all did it! And it still lives inside us somewhere.

According to Prevention Magazine Australia science has now come up with a term for our lapse in memory during the first 12 years or so of our life.  It's called "infantile amnesia" and they say it happens because while our brain is laying down the nerve cells and developing the capacity to remember stuff, it doesn't have the energy to actually retain the memories at the same time.  Which is why photos are so important when it comes to finding (and remembering) our inner child. 

So as we move forward with our own kids, PRINT THOSE PICTURES! Because one day, they too will forget the joys of kidnom.


  1. you are right, I don't remember my childhood as such but I do remember how I felt to be loved and safe so that's something right?


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  3. This is so beautiful. Memories, dreams and aspirations we had as a child should be treasured forever. Nothing truly defines our true selves like those.


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