Monday, January 1, 2018

Day 2994 - Goodbye 2017 and bring on Twenty Eighteen!

Happy New Year!

NYE 2018 - Picnic at the park as we await the coastal fireworks
Well I can't say I'm sorry to see 2017 disappear into the night, that's for sure.  I've never said that about a year because I'll always find something positive to celebrate.  But 2017 just felt a bit too heavy.

On NYE 2016 I fell asleep before midnight. It may well be the only NYE in my living history that I didn't see the count down (at least in my living memory, even if not in my living history).  I felt dread about that the moment I woke up on New Year's Day. I exited the year tired and entered the year un-enthused.  I was too blaze about it.  I chose sleep over gratitude and celebration.  Then the dishwasher broke, the dog almost died of a tick and C got another cancer all within the first week and I knew for sure that we were well and truly buggered.

And buggered we were.

Yes, I'm very kindly taking the responsibility for anyone who had a shit year. I'm good like that. (You're welcome.)

Whether I talked myself into or not, the reality is I didn't enjoy 2017 so much.  I felt weighed down by it.

But as I sit here feeling absolutely fantastic about the possibilities in 2018 (you'll be pleased to know I made it past 12 O'clock and was able to ring it in with much fanfare after firstly drinking copious amounts of coffee to ensure I stayed awake ... and I don't drink coffee ... again, you're welcome), I've decided to dig deep and give 2017 some of the accolades it rightly deserves.

So today I'd like to thank 2017 for:

  • Family
  • Another wedding anniversary
  • Togetherness
  • Love
  • Financial comfort
  • Getting another book out to keep my series alive
  • Making new contacts to revitalize my dream of a TV show
  • Adding football club communications officer to my list of volunteer roles
  • Allowing me to be involved in raising money for local charities again through the cheerleading competition I project manage
  • Seeing my last remaining grandparent turn 96
  • Seeing my parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary
  • Seeing my boy become a teenager
  • Seeing my girl finish school, leave home, reach a milestone birthday and return home
  • Seeing blended family come together at times when it mattered most
  • Spending time with my granddaughter
  • Seeing my step daughter fight the big fight with conviction and strength
  • Seeing my son make Premier League in soccer
  • Seeing my girl score a new agent with new opportunities and renewed enthusiasm
  • Going to the gym with hubby and kids for a family fitness regime
  • Realising the wonders of medicine and the amazing expertise we have in this country
  • Spending time at one of our favourite places on the planet - Noosa - with my favourite people
  • Getting to meet bloggy friends in real life
  • Spending quality time with cousins and extended family
  • Having a combined family Christmas so my family and Derek's family could all be together
  • Spending time in our holiday house
  • Seeing my mum become a "grandparent of the year" finalist (no idea of the results yet)
  • Ringing in another New Year with my parents, hubby and kids by my side

Recognising these wins has already lightened the load.  Maybe 2017 wasn't so bad after all?  Which is easier to say now that it's over. 

So what now?

Well right now I plan to recover from the night before.  There will be water, some light exercise, a nap, a trip to the beach and some eating. Then there will be some forward thought.  There will be ponderings and naval gazing as I plan my 2018 ta-dahs. 

As you know I'm a big fan of having a word for the year.  This year I decided to do a word with a twist.  But I'll chat about that tomorrow.  Because today I'm still reflecting on the year that was and trying to figure out which word is best to take me on a lighter journey into the year ahead. 

What would you like to thank 2017 for?

Who's looking forward to twenty eighteen?

Anyone else working on their 2018 strategy? 

Please don't tell me you fell asleep before midnight ...


  1. Some years just need to be said "Good Riddance" to. (Look at me with my well structured sentences)... And 2017 was definitely that to you. Onwards and upwards I say!
    It wasn't too bad for me, I had hip surgery and it seems to be going well, haven't been fired in one of the many rounds of blood letting at work, went on some fun road trips and got to go home to Australia for a little bit. Some bad stuff happened as well, but doesn't it always? And not to the extent that I can really complain. Such is life.
    I don't really have a plan for 2018, but then I never really have a plan for anything. Just roll with the punches :)

  2. Happy New Year Leanne! You sure have had a difficult 2017. My 2017 was mostly pretty good - I went to some fab places - Bunya Mountains, Canberra, Perth - but it ended with the stress and grief of losing my Dad. If I were to thank 2017 I'd thank it for allowing me to have my Dad for his 87th birthday (even if he were in hospital) and that he didn't leave us until just after his and Mum's 55th wedding anniversary. I begin 2018 with a feeling of hope for a rewarding year but sadness too because this is the first year of my life that has not had my Dad physically in it and that is hard. However, I feel hopeful and excited for the possibilities of a new year. I hope your 2018 is a lighter one! xo

  3. Happy New Year, Leanne! Even those not so great years give us much to be thankful for. May 2018 be everything you wish for.

    SSG xxx

  4. I'm sorry it was such a challenging year for you and your family but glad that you were able to see some positives in the midst of it all. Tbh the last 2-3 years haven't been the most wonderful in my life but I'm still here. I'm thankful for that! And I'm cautiously optimistic about 2018. All the best to you for the year ahead x

  5. Happy New Cheer! 2017 certainly packed it's punches for you and yours but when you look at that list of things to be grateful for that list is pretty long and packed with awesome! My 2017 was pretty ace - I'm looking forward to more of the same in 2018 - although I was in Sleepy Town way before midnight, so now you have me a bit worried :0

  6. You amaze me with your ability to bounce right back and go with whatever comes next. Your positivity and energy for changes to help and grow are wonderful qualities I see in you as life goes on. As for writing about a word or whatever, there is your next week's post for my link up DONE!! Gosh I hope your Mum wins that competition and the Chelsea gets some real quality of life too. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 1/52 and next week's optional prompt is Word or Intention for 2018.

  7. Love your positivity - but I've told you that before. So, I'll thank 2017 for our sea-change and how the crapstorm that was 2016 led us here. Bring on 2018.

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