Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Day 2996 - Wellness Wednesday Quick Tip 2018 #1

Friendship and Fitness

A brisk daily walk (even if just 30 minutes) is a great way to age positively.  It helps maintain a healthy weight, helps prevent heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, strengthens bones and muscles, energises us, awakens our thought processes, gets our happy chemicals moving and (if the location is right) it helps us to breathe in fresh air to bolster the immune system.

Add a friend to the mix and the whole "ageing positively" thing gets an extra boost.  According to UCLA's Behavioural Responses in Females study (mentioned in Australian Women's Weekly December 2017) "strong friendships - particularly with other women - not only make us happier, they make us healthier too."

So my Quick Tip #1 for 2018 is get yourself a walking buddy - whether it be a friend, acquaintance, neighbour or work colleague - and factor 30-45 minutes into your lunch break each day for a bit of friendship and fitness all rolled into one. 


  1. I really do want to do a walk more now but I am still not feeling 100% ready with my leg's recovery from surgeries. However, I do take as many chances to walk incidentally as I can! Great ideas here!

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  4. I've got a couple of local friends who walk early on a Saturday morning and really want to join them but have this reticence cos at the moment Saturday morning is my 'me' time when I wake when I want, eat brownies for breakfast and watch Rage on TV. (And hopefully blog!)


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