Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Day 3009 - How to create a sports themed birthday party

You don't have to be a kick arse cake decorator to bring a birthday party to life

All you need is a colour scheme.

It's no secret that I'm not very clever at cake decorating.  My quick and easy go to has always been coloured icing and a cake full of plastic toys that are quickly removed before a child chokes.

As my kids grow I am obviously veering away from character based birthday parties for a more mature vibe.

My standard go-to these days is creating parties based on a colour scheme.

Like the party I threw my teen daughter a couple of years ago in sunshine yellow in celebration of spring.  You couldn't get more yellow if you'd tried.

Or you could you?

Last weekend was my boy's turn. In celebration of his premier league selection I chose Club colours for his family celebration.

Having a colour themed party takes some of the pressure off the cake decorating because you're focussing on the entire colour scheme rather than just on the cake to create the vibe.

The trick is in the decorations and the table display.

In this day and age it's easy to get "enviro friendly" paper based disposable products for your party which includes cupcake papers, lolly bags, cups, plates, serviettes and even table cloths.  The best news is that you can often find these at low cost at your local $2 shop**.

To create a sports themed birthday celebration:

  • Buy the cupcake papers and table accessories in the base colour of your team (whatever colour is the most available)
  • Ice your cupcakes in the stand-out colour to complete the colour scheme.
  • Buy candles in the team colours or better still, find candles that reflect the sport
  • Decorate your cake tray with toys or knick-knacks that make it obvious what sport you're supporting
  • Add a framed photo of the birthday child in their team colours
  • Include helium balloons in the theme and use these as part of your end-of-party giveaways
  • Create sporty party bags including a refs whistle, sweat band, sports themed keyring, rubber bouncy ball and lollies
  • Have the birthday child dress in theme or better still, encourage all attendees to dress in team colours

While my boy is too big for party bags and take-home balloons, extended family members are still young enough to enjoy those add-ons. It's easy to cater for all.

The best part about a colour themed party is that it's suitable for all ages and makes for great photo memories.

What do you think?

Easy enough and looks great, yeah? 

Got any other suggestions for a sports themed party?

** Not all of our supplies were paper based on this occasion as my normal party shop had very little available for some reason.  As a result my plates and cups were plastic.  Rest assured I try to go for the recyclable variety.


  1. I'm not a theme/decorating person but the other year I was out shopping with someone who was and I was surprised how much you could get at the $2 shops!

  2. I absolutely loved organising themed birthday parties for my kids. Now they are too old to want these with their friends but I still have fun with our family birthday party celebrations and I think my kids do actually enjoy the effort I go to! I hear them speculating on what theme I will choose for them this year!


  3. I haven't had the opportunity to host a part since my 40th birthday (which is too far ago now!) So much fun to plan and organise.

  4. It's my youngest birthday in 2 days... I am not showing him this. He will want it and I just can't do it.

  5. This is great! I love a black and white theme, but adding the third colour and the sports items is so fun. Excellent job, lady.

  6. Looks fabulous, Leanne! I think we'll be having a birthday party for Punky this year and I have a sneaking suspicion there will be a lot of pink & glitter involved!!!


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