Thursday, January 18, 2018

Day 3011 - The Lovin' Life Linky - The sharing edition

Sharing is caring

Over the past week I've enjoyed being able to share.  Whether it be a book, a recipe, knowledge, a celebration or time, it's good to share.

There's a lot of power in sharing.  According to Jim Rohn in "The Power of Sharing What you Know" (Success Magazine March 2016) "Sharing makes you bigger than you are. The more you pour out, the more life will be able to pour in."

So today I'm going to share with you, what people have been sharing with me.

Sydney Shop Girl shared her Apricot Chicken by Not Quite Nigella which inspired me for Monday night's dinner. This Aussie fave was the first meal I ever learned to cook.  This new chunkier version was a hit with the lad this week (thanks for sharing SSG).

Ready to go in the oven

The finished result

A lovely neighbour in my street came to me in December with a pile of books to read while I was hanging around hospitals in Sydney before Christmas.   I am still reading them and enjoying the library in which she shared with me. 

The books on my beside table right now

Sharing knowledge and networks is a powerful thing and I love watching  my Cheer Kids Magazine team as they share their knowledge of the competition cheerleading world and tap into their social media networks to get story ideas and create content for the next issue of the magazine.

Getting ready for Issue (4)

Being able to share in my boy's birthday celebrations and extend that to the broader family last weekend was wonderful.  Having all of his cousins in the house, both sets of grandparents, his siblings, niece and two of my cousins and their families for a couple of hours was lots of fun.  Being able to share my birthday party tips with you was the icing on the cake (bad pun TOTALLY intended)

A birthday party in his team colours

Having access to so many beautiful walking paths, such lovely views and so much space here in the ACT is something to be grateful for.  It's wonderful that a city full of people can all share spaces like this.

So much to see around Lake Burley Griffin

These are just the things I have pictorial evidence for. Of course sharing goes beyond the photos.  Sharing tips, insight, words, hugs, energy, smiles, food, laughter and love are all part of who we are as humans.

Right now as you read this we're sharing our holiday house with one of Derek's mates who wandered down to the coast for the night.  He hadn't booked anything for he and his boys so we opened out doors so they could camp for the night.

It feels good to share.  It can reduce burden and double happiness and the more we share, the more we have.

What will you be sharing today?

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It's Lovin' Life Linky time.

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  1. Yes Leanne, it's good to share :) This weekend, I'll be sharing a trip to Mamma Mia the Musical with my best friend, so that's definitely something to look forward to. Enjoy your weekend xox #TeamLovinLife

  2. So glad the recipe worked for you. A beautiful post about a beautiful action we should all do more of in our lives each day

    SSG xxx

  3. I'll be sharing a meal with a loved one tonight!


  4. Lovely to share! That Apricot Chicken looks delicious! Loving your boys party in his team colours too! As for Lake Burley-Griffin - it's divine! #TeamLovinLife

  5. That was a lovely read thanks Leanne. I am sharing what I have learned in my art ventures since 2013 as part of my blog post today. It came about when Vanessa Smith saw that I took a mini-art kit with me when I go out and she decided to do something like that too. Love fact I sometimes need to be restrained from OVER-sharing!! I am still hoping to come to Canberra in Autumn to meet up with you and some other lovely bloggers/friends too. However, with one more surgery to come (7 Feb) and unsure of what recovery will be I need to hold off making firm plans. Have a lovely Thursday..I suspect the warm weather is about to turn to HOT from the weather forecasts! D xx

  6. I belong to a women's entrepreneur group, which is a wonderful network where knowledge and support is openly shared.

  7. Thanks for sharing! My 6 year old daughter is insisting that I share my eye shadow with here but that is not going to happen!

  8. I love this, probably because I am so big on sharing myself x

  9. I'm sharing a couple of recipes over on my blog today. And I've just been to a couple of summer school classes, where both the presenters and the participants share their knowledge. Some people don't like to share their knowledge or experiences, but you get back so much more I think when you do. Have a fabulous week and thank you for the link up.

  10. I've had quite the week under the weather, so my sharing is my blanky!! LOL!!

  11. My mum recently shared a little bit of our future inheritance early and that allowed us to pass some of it on to our kids - no point hoarding it til you die is there? Loved all your examples.

  12. Loved all your share'sies this week. Yes it feels good to share. It's also great to be able to accept shared things with humility and grace just like you have and to acknowledge the gifts. The recipe looks yum and those books ... yes a couple there I've listed on my to-read list. Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Loved all that you shared,Leanne and I also have read all of those books and Liane Moriarty is one of my favourite authors. Have a lovely week.

  14. I love a shared book- it’s the best thing ever! Distraction, escape and enjoyment in one!

  15. I love Liane Moriarty! I'm reading The Power at the mo and shared the plot with my hubby last night. Great book for when you get through you reading pile. Thanks for hosting #LovinLifeLInky


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