Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Day 3017 - Wellness Wednesday 2018 Quick Tip #4

You don't have to eat junk food when you're on holidays.

Quinoa pancakes served with summer stone fruits, vanilla cashew cream and hazelnut crumb
Instead of giving in to the ease and convenience of fast food when you're away, why not make it your mission to seek healthy food options.  It not only helps you age positively but also challenges you to find out more about the town in which you're visiting.

Like Nourish on North at Bateman's Bay.  While it's great to eat a traditional lunch of fish and chips by the wharf, finding a gem like Nourish is equally rewarding with the added benefit of feeling totally righteous afterwards.

Go one step further and find out which coffee shops are part of the Responsible Cafes initiative.  Take your own travel cup and get a discount on your tea or coffee purchase.  You're not only helping the environment but you're also getting to explore your holiday destination even further! Check out this link to find the nearest Responsible Cafe near you.

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