Thursday, January 25, 2018

Day 3018 - The Lovin Life Linky - General Stuff edition

I'm lovin' all sorts of stuff right now

I bought this hat from the men's section in a hat shop in Noosa last year.
I love it's comfort, coverage and the way it matches my summer wardrobe beautifully.
As I wander through January in a holiday mindset, I'm finding it's easy to find stuff to love.  Whether it be a hat, a song, a blog post, a website, an eatery or a view, there's quite a few things on my lovin' life list right now.


Having seen the Greatest Showman on Boxing Day I'm now a total fan of the soundtrack and simply can't get enough of "From Now On".  Every time I hear it I feel the overwhelming need to clap and stomp along to the music while screaming the words at the top of my lungs.  Not great for the people around me (particularly my family as I dance while we drive) but a fabulous positive energy activator from my point of view.  If you haven't heard it yet, turn up your speakers and take a listen.  It starts quietly but by the end I guarantee you'll be tapping your feet and chair dancing just like me.


I am enjoying getting back to making healthy food choices. Summer is great for helping us to eat light.  Yesterday I blogged about finding a great little whole foods cafe in Bateman's Bay to help me steer clear of the traditional fish and chip lunches and gravitate towards healthier choices.

Quinoa pancakes served with summer stone fruits, vanilla cashew cream and hazelnut crumb


I've really enjoyed reading about inspiring women over the last few weeks, whether it be in magazines, in women's business forums or on blogs, there are so many inspiring ladies out there to help motivate us.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Hannah Gadsby over at Handbag Mafia and cancer survivor thriver Julie Randall over at The Annoyed Thyroid.  If you have not read these yet, then please do.  There's a lot to love about these two.


I loved finding the Responsible Cafes website this week.  No doubt many of you have already discovered it and as a non-coffee drinker I'm probably years behind (I do actually live under a rock much of the time).  It's a website that shows you where to find the nearest participating cafe to take your own travel mug and not only help the environment but also save yourself money in the process.  If you haven't seen it yet, click here.


We found a new beach this week with great snorkeling and a fabulous new view.  Actually, it's not a new beach ... it's just a different part of a beach we've visited often, but we've never actually planted ourselves down the snorkeling end before.  Amazing what you can see when you take the time to look.

Guerilla Bay NSW (the northern end)

So much to love.

What about you?

What clothing, music, food, reading, websites or views are you lovin' this week?

Just a girl and her hat

*   *   *   *   *
It's Lovin' Life Linky time.

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  1. Loving that hat! What am I loving at the moment? Road trip planning - of the French sort.

  2. I'm slowly sorting out our new house- I am NOT loving unpacking but I am loving that it's mine! Thanks for the link back- it really was an amazing show!

    1. HI Amy, I knew you moved...and is this one NOT a rental?? How awesome if so!! Denyse xx

  3. I am loving the look of that breakfast!! Yum! Also - thanks so much for the link to the responsible cafe's website. I wasn't aware of it but am so glad to know of it now! Finally - that hat is superb!! #TeamLovinLife

  4. I have always had to find hats (not that I wear them much) in the Men's section as I have a BIG head. Like the cafe site re 'keep cups' as I read recently Macca's wont accept them. I had a keep cup when I was teaching at Uni and it was cheaper to buy coffee that way! Happy almost Australia Day...when we get a bit sad because it's about the back to work and school routine. But...not me anymore, just 'looking forward' to more surgery in early Feb. I want it DONE!! Denyse xx

  5. I love your January round-up Leanne! There's just so much to enjoy in everyday life. The new beach looks stunning (and possibly quiet now that school's back). I hadn't heard of responsible cafes, probably because like you I'm not a coffee drinker. Great idea for those people who don't mind on-the-run coffee, but I'd love to see people leave 15 minutes early, and go into that coffee shop, sit and 'be' with their coffee rather than rushing off!

  6. I joined a book club to challenge me out of my reading funk!

  7. That pancake dish looks delish, even if I've never tried quinoa before! And love the hat. One of my fave hats is one I stole from the hubster - you can see it in one of the pics in this post:

  8. Lovely hat - it's funny how we discover favourites in unexpected places. I still haven't seen the Greatest Showman yet - after seeing Les Mis at the movies and HATING it, I've been a bit so-so about going to musical movies (altho I loved Mama Mia and Moulon Rouge)

  9. Love your hat - I have a similar one I bought in K Mart, and it's just so useful and a little bit trendy! Ohh, so want to see the Greatest Showman - must make a plan. Firstly to get a little 'fix' of the divine Hugh, and secondly because I know I'll love the movie - I'm sure I'll be stomping along to the soundtrack too :)

  10. with summer school in our town over summer it is a great time to try out something new! And summer is a great time for more healthy eating with salads and in-season fruits.

  11. I'm loving my morning walks along the lake front and longer daylight hours where I live. Thanks, Leanne, for sharing your lovely photos and positive vibes.

  12. That is a lot to love Leanne! I'm ecstatic to be heading off in our caravan for six weeks starting tomorrow. During the month I have enjoyed watching some great surfing at Burleigh Point, enjoying some fresh ocean fish caught by my fisherman son and heading to the clothing sales at the shops and snagging myself some bargains. I'm about to read Eleanor Oliphant is Absolutley Fine and this will coming with me on our trip. Love your hat!

  13. We saw that movie and loved it!! We even came how and dug up some history on the circus because it peaked our fancy so much!!

  14. I love your hat! I'm going to keep an eye out for hats in the men's section too from now on!


  15. I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but if i'm purchasing one from a cafe, I'd much rather take the time and sit with my coffee and soak up the surroundings. This week I'm loving that the business cards for my new business, were sent to the printers yesterday and will be ready for collection on Tuesday.

  16. It sounds like you're having a great summer and I love the positivity. And the hat.

    I really wanted to get myself a stylish hat this summer but it's whizzed by without me having done anything out it. I don't go outside during the day a lot and tend to just wear a sports cap but have been wanting a decent hat!

    Sorry I've been AWOL.

  17. I too love your hat and yay to responsible cafes. I think I have a plan to change the image of take away coffee cups on Instagram, there seems to be a sense that they are cool things to be photographed. They are so not, but without directly offending people it is hard to know how to get that message across. We always have our reusable cups in the car but even so we sometimes end up with a paper cup and plastic lid. And then there are the straws - don't even get me started on those.


I love hearing your thoughts! Keep them rolling in :)

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