Thursday, February 15, 2018

Day 3039 - The Lovin Life Linky - More little things

It's one of those weeks ...

This week I'm finding it a bit harder than usual to come up with my "what I'm lovin about life" post.  I'm digging deep, but not much is coming up.  Which is a shame given it's Valentine's week and all.


Today I've decided to focus my rose coloured glasses on the little things.

This week I'm lovin:

  • The online chat with Optus which not only sorted out my queries, but allowed me to print the conversation for my records AND let me order my new phone which should arrive before the weekend.
  • Big juicy plumbs
  • Our evaporative cooling
  • The ease and convenience of group Messenger chats
  • Fresh sheets
  • Watching Hollywood Medium 
  • A full fridge
  • Two teens who are able to find and focus on their happy
  • A dawn walk around the lake with my hubby who doesn't like to do dawn walks
  • Big jotter note books that hold loads of notes to help me stay organised
  • Sharpies that write loads of notes in those big jotter note books
  • Unicorns 
Speaking of unicorns, the big grown up (step) daughter started her chemo this week.  While chemo was always on the cards it came about quicker than expected due to some not so great news over the weekend.  I am grateful she is with a good team of people at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse who are on top of everything and who treat her with the highest priority.  I am also grateful she continues to fight and live positively through these enormous challenges.

Anybody else focussing on the little things this week?

Anything on my rose coloured glasses list resonate with you?

Anybody else sleep in and have only ten minutes to churn out their Lovin' Life post?


It's Lovin' Life Linky time.

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  1. Love that you're loving these things - & sending hugs for the other stuff. xx

  2. Sorry to hear about your daughter. I can see that would steal your smile. Hopefully after the chemo there is good news.

  3. Sorry to hear you had some bad news re your step daughter but it's definitely good to also hear that she is receiving the best care possible and being treated as a high priority!


  4. Sending positive vibes your way, Leanne. Fresh sheets and a full fridge are always great and not to be taken for granted.

  5. Dear dear Leanne, you are doing such a good job at the looking at the positives as best you can..and of course I am so saddened to know that your SD is needing more and on-going treatment. The place where she is going is the BEST and you know that I too am a fan/patient of Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. Yesterday we came to Sydney for my follow-up appt to last week's reconstructive surgery at Lifehouse but we saw the Prof in his rooms at Kogarah (my choice). It was a nightmare drive on the Princes Hwy to get there as M5 was not taking traffic so I ran a bit late for my appt (I like to be on time or early). When his practice nurse was taking out my stitches she said "never ever worry about being late like today again, we wait for you no matter what...and yes we run late too but we will always see you". Another wonderful experience. I hope Thursday treats you well. I am off to my GP to show him my 'new lip'! Denyse xx

  6. Sorry to hear your week hasn't been that fabulous but good to see that isn't stopping you! I love clean, fresh sheets! Today hubby and I are taking off for a long weekend in Adelaide as a spontaneous thing so I'm feeling pretty good. Hope your week ends well and take care.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond xx

  7. Sorry to hear about your step daughter's latest news. You are in my thoughts.

  8. Life certainly has its ups and downs doesn't it Leanne. I hope the chemotherapy goes well (and quickly) and that there are opportunities to laugh along the way. I still think back to that gorgeous photo shoot and it makes me smile :)

  9. Sorry to hear about your step daughter, it is great that you can still find things to be happy about during a difficult time.

  10. Sending you and the family a huge hug and prayers, Leanne. Just the fact that you can concentrate on anything positive, is incredible to me!!

  11. I love your list of little things which all add up to a lot. I hope your Step Daughter has better news soon, I can totally understand you finding it hard to be loving life. Thanks for the linkup.

  12. Sending love and light to your stepdaughter as she fights this cancer, Leanne.

    You're all in my prayers.

    SSG xxx

  13. Your fresh sheets resonates with me. Another thing that I am always thankful for is the ability to take a shower whenever I want. Showers always make me feel new and ready to take on the world.

  14. We've had two funerals to attend in the last two weeks - I think they more than anything make you realise what is most important to you in life.

  15. For me this week has been a focus on Winter Olympics. I have always loved the Olympics, but this year is really special as we know so many of the athletes. (Our girls used to be jr. National winter athletes.)

  16. Clean sheets are wonderful!!! I think it's the little things that make life worthwhile. The big pleasures are merely a bonus. Life isn't perfect but I love the photos that I put on my blog and am excited about a holiday to get some more!


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