Monday, February 19, 2018

Day 3043 - My fondness for February

Don't go summer, don't go! 

As I sit here on this Monday looking at my diary I must wonder, where has summer gone?  According to the calendar we have less than two weeks of our sunny season left.

Oh February, why must you be so short?

If you were born in February apparently your birthstone is Amethyst and your birth flower is violet.  So as far as colours go, February is definitely purple.

Now if February was a person, the empowered colour wheel suggests that a purple personality is sensitive and compassionate, understanding and supportive.  It also suggests that if you are a purple, you are someone who needs to be needed. 

I need February.   I need February for its warmth and its blue skies.  I need February for its fresh start and its routine.  I need February for its salads, fruit, juices and light cuisine. 

And right now, I need February to be longer.  I'm just not ready for February to end.

Oh wait. It hasn't ended. We've still got ten days.  Ten days to squeeze every last ounce of summer from February.  Ten days to hang out in February's charismatic and alluring energy. 

So dear February, let's make the next ten days spectacular shall we?

How will you make the most of your last days of summer?

Anybody out there a February baby?

Who else has a purple personality?  


  1. No February baby but I hear you, Leanne - Feb is way too short.

    SSG xxx

  2. No February baby, Leanne, but yes, let's make the days spectacular.

  3. I love Summer and February for it's light cuisine, as much as I love winter for comfort food. I am torn, but I love the weather and hate being cold, so will be sorry to see it over. We are heading to the coast this weekend, so will make the most of February while I can.

  4. Not a big fan of Feb for reasons I outlined in my post! But it is lovely to read why you (and others here!) also are very fond of Feb!

    Thank you for linking up to #lifethisweek 8/52. Next Week's Optional Prompt is Taking Stock - the list of word prompts is on the end of my Monday post.

  5. My sis is a Feb baby. I'm with you in that I don't want the warm weather to end. I do like autumn but I feel like I haven't had enough beach time as yet!

  6. I love summer. Born a beach baby, with a huge love of the water, it's my homeland. Season wise. But by the end of February, I'm ready to move on. I'm done. Haha. Probably because my birthday is in March and I love those crisp Autumn evenings.


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