Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Day 3045 - Wellness Wednesday Quick Tip #8

The health benefits of green space.

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Many of us feel the calming nature of greenery.  Whether it be looking out the window at a tree, walking through the bush, looking at rolling hills, gardening, strolling through a park or surrounding ourselves with indoor plants, there is no doubt there are health benefits of flora.

The World Health Organization conducted a study into urban green spaces and health and found that there is "available evidence of beneficial effects of urban green spaces, such as improved mental health, reduced cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, obesity and risk of type 2 diabetes and improved pregnancy outcomes.  Mechanisms leading to these health benefits include psychological relaxation and stress alleviation, increased physical activity, reduced exposure to air pollutants, noise and excess heat."

Living in a city may mean we have to leave the home to get the green space fix we need.  The good news is that most Australian cities have gardens, parks and grasslands for community use.  So why not factor in at least one green space wander each week.  Whether it be a walk around your local lake, a picnic at the park, an excursion to your botanic garden or perhaps a drive to the countryside. 

Green space might be your new best friend. 

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