Monday, February 26, 2018

Day 3050 - Taking Stock

Let's just pause and reflect ...

It's time to take stock.  This is a great exercise for bloggers and non-bloggers alike to pause, reflect, recognise and acknowledge where we are at in life.

Making:  Lists to get through my hell week

Cooking:  Meats and salad in celebration of the final days of summer

Drinking: Loads of water after a very alcoholic girls weekend away

Reading: The magazine articles that my Cheer Kids Magazine team have created for the next issue due out in two weeks

Wanting: More sleep

Looking:  For energy filled foods for active growing teen boys

(Still) Playing: Solitaire on my phone in car parks as I wait around the soccer field

Wasting:  my morning blogging and exercise time on time consuming volunteer work

Sewing: Are you kidding? I don't sew

Wishing:  I had financial freedom

Enjoying:  Looking at the photos of my weekend of catch-ups in Brisbane

Waiting:  For the jug to boil so I can make myself a peppermint tea (stomach cramps)

Liking:  That my coach husband and my player son made it to the Grand Final in indoor soccer

Wondering:  If I have to live with the arthritis pain in my neck forever

Loving:  That I have no taxi mum duties, no soccer stuff, no volunteer work and no meetings tonight

Hoping: That the new forms of chemo therapy can kick ALL cancers arses

Marvelling: That today is so damn cold in Canberra but that it will get ridiculously hot again in a day or two. 

Needing: That peppermint tea to sooth my grumbling tummy

Smelling:  The vanilla candle I have burning

Wearing: Jeans and long sleeves because of the cold snap

Following:  My daughter's instagram because it's just plain cool

Noticing:  That I'm beyond tired and that recovery from big weekends takes far too long these days

Knowing:  That I will get the magazine out on time even though it feels totally impossible right now

Thinking:  That maybe I need to drop a few more things so I can concentrate on the stuff I've invested heavily in

Feeling:  Extremely fatigued (I said that already?)

Bookmarking:  Recipes for elite sports people

Opening:  A bag of chocolate chip cookies even though I know it will do nothing for my fatigue

Giggling: At my memories from the weekend.

When was the last time you took stock?

Anybody else drinking peppermint tea right now?

What do I feed my son to help him get through school and his intense soccer schedule while he grows like a weed? 


  1. Our peppermint tea has been packed, along with most of the rest of our pantry. And I totally get the desire for sugar when feeling exhausted. Yes we all know it doesn't help in the medium or long term but for that couple of minutes - heaven! You do sound as though you have way to much on your plate right now/still.

  2. I'll steal some of that financial freedom too...

  3. Hope you get that mug of peppermint tea soon, Leanne. Can't wait to hear about that girls weekend too.
    SSG xxx

  4. It's a teensy bit cooler here today which is lovely. I'm hoping it stays that way but doubt it will.

  5. Oh you have some ups and downs with this taking stock. I can feel the mum fatigue through the words. I am glad that you had your weekend away and I hope the gut pains ease. Taking care of you is so important. I hope to see you are first on the list! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 9/52. Next week's optional prompt is Share Your Snaps 2.

  6. A great way of taking stock Leanne! Really enjoyed your post and hope you're feeling better now :)


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