Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Day 3051 - The challenges of the device upgrade - any advice?

Here we are for another "unboxing" ...

My son does the best impression of American You Tubers who post about the latest gadgets they receive in the mail.

Lowering his voice a couple of octaves and donning his best American drawl he'll open up my new gadgets (or even a box of cookies if the truth be known) with the words "here we are for another unboxing".  Then he'll go on to describe in detail what it is he's just unwrapped and give his 2 cents worth regarding the quality and the practicality of the item.  Hysterical.

Anywho, I've got the latest Samsung Galaxy 8 sitting on my desk which he unboxed for me a full 10 days ago and it is frustrating the hell out of him that I haven't done anything with it yet.  It's still sitting on my desk, with no sim card, waiting for me to switch from my old phone to my new.

The same thing happened with Harvey*.  He sat in on my desk for at least 2 weeks before I switched him on.


Well, I've bought these new gadgets because I needed the upgrade but I have to find the time for the change over.

The set-up makes me feel sick if the truth be known.  Having to set up all my email addresses again, getting all the apps, remembering all my passwords, removing files from the old device and making sure the new device is ready to take on the world with the ease and familiarity of its predecessor.

It's enough to drive a woman to drink (peppermint tea).
Anyway, that got me to thinking, is there a fool proof way to switch from one device to another?

Is there a magic button I can press that transfers everything across from one phone to the next without having to start from scratch each time?

Are you going to start saying words like "cloud storage" which will make me hyperventilate in aged confusion? 

*Harvey is my HP Spectre laptop.  


  1. Takes me a while to set up new things- my husband generally takes pity (or gets sick of waiting for me to do it) and does it for me!

  2. I desperately need to upgrade my phone too but the thought of all the transferring of info and apps etc is making me recharge my old phone twice a day instead.


  3. I want to move to Samsung because at every event I go to, I sit with camera envy at all the photos the samsung people can take compared to my crappy iphone ones. But when I need a new phone, last time I scared of switching at the last minute because of the whole 'transfer' thing.

  4. I am in the same boat. My phone contract finished a few weeks ago and I still haven't researched phones because the whole upgrade thing stresses me out even though i am desperate for a new phone. I am a slow adopts rather than an early adopter lol.

  5. I am like your son... open open open. I love new phones.

  6. My iphone to iphone set up a few months ago was frustrating. Partly slow internet...but you know what? I'm just sick of buying new tech and it taking a day to update/transfer. The shiny new toy feeling wears off fast when you can't use it and yeah, if I'm paying for something, I want that new toy feeling!!

  7. OMG, I feel the same way when I have to upgrade! I have to upgrade my phone too. And of course, I will leave it as long as possible to upgrade. It takes so much time to set up and I have 3 emails and always find it hard to set them up correctly.

  8. My phone transfers are pretty painless as I'm able to set-up my new iPhone from a version I save of my old phone to my iMac. Not all things transfer over, but I think of it as a kind of a decluttering for my phone, there always ends up so much on there that I don't need/use anymore that having a new one is a chance to start fresh with less distraction!


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