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Day 3053 - The Lovin Life Linky - Handbag Edition

What's your perfect handbag?

I can't deny it.  I'm a handbag hoarder.  I have at least ten handbags in my wardrobe at any one time and regularly cleanse to make way for new ones.  The Share the Dignity "It's in the bag" campaign is a great way to share the handbag love (and make way for new handbags in the process).

But I'm not here today to chat about how many handbags we might have.  I'm here to find out, what's your perfect handbag look like?

I'm all for lots of pockets and compartments.  I love a structured carry-all that helps me "file" my stuff in easy to find hidey-holes.

I have a friend who loves order so much, that she's gone and designed a bag with a full filing system.

Kristy created Sash and Belle Handbags about four years ago.  She started with a range of products she imported from China of varying shapes, sizes and quality.

She quickly realised that not all handbags are created equal. Some were more functional than others and some might look pretty, but failed to keep her organised. Others were just plain crappy quality and fell apart after a few months of busy woman business.

After searching for the perfect design and falling short, she decided to design the bloody thing herself. So, as with any business, Sash and Belle evolved.

Which is what I'm lovin' about life this week.  The fact that this woman has gone and created a handbag that is so damn organised, you'll never be found on your haunches beside your car scrambling around for your keys again.

Seriously - look at the video and prepare to be amazed. You think you know handbags?  You think you know Sash and Belle handbags?  Think again.

Yesterday I went into her Canberra store and ferreted through her latest business bag design.  Even this video doesn't do it justice.

The latest design (the Belle) has an outside pocket with a removable "clutch" that holds your iPad.  Inside is a padded space for your laptop.  There is also a key clip inside (which doubles as a strap for the clutch), and a waterproof purse (clipped to the side so it doesn't get lost in the bottom of the bag) to carry make-up, gadgets or bits and bobs.  There is a pocket for phone, one for sunglasses, one for charging cords.  There are pen loops.  There's a section for a note book and a zip section for anything else you may care to lug around with you.  And strangely enough, it's not the size of a suitcase.  It can all be carried neatly on your shoulder.

The Sofia
What' I'm lovin' even more, is that these bags were featured on Studio 10 this week! Yep, go big or go home.  Kristy has been working super hard to get the new design out there.

Here she is with Jessica Rowe.

Sash and Belle has business bags, everyday bags and even nappy bags that are designed to look like business bags.  They come in leather and faux leather.

For more information head to  

What's your perfect handbag look like?

If you could design a bag, what would you include?

Anyone else like to be this organised?

Sash and Belle handbags can be purchased on line, in selected stores or for our Canberra readers the full range can be found at The Gungahlin Collective by Sash and Belle (Big W building, Gungahlin)

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It's Lovin' Life Linky time.

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  1. That's cute! I love it. (Also love Share the dignity!)

  2. I love my handbags too Leanne! I'll be checking out the Sash and Belle range now. I put aside any I'm not currently using for Share the Dignity and start filling them so they're chock full by collection time. Such a great initiative :) #TeamLovinLife

  3. I love having an organised handbag and one that fits a laptop plus more! I need to check out Kristy's website!


  4. I'm pondering this at the moment - I can't find one I love. I'm not into huge brands, but I want something a tad boho in looks, but practical at the same time - and it seems that boho doesn't mix with practicality. My fave brand is Nancy Bird, but I've been disappointed with their offerings of late too.

  5. Handbags are a nuisance and a necessity. Over the years I have had quite a few but I always have one that can go across my body as I like both hands free. I also know that if I have more than one handbag I have to make sure I transfer the contents. Right now, I have one 'holds all I need' bag and I went away from black for the first time in ages with this one. I bought another leaner-type bag recently and find both great. Because of painful arms/shoulders that have come from overuse and age, I will always use the bag that sits around my body to the front and it makes everything easier for me. The bags you mention sound great too. And anything that helps Share The Dignity at your "bag refreshing time" is a good idea. Denyse x

  6. I have one handbag at a time - too lazy to switch the contents over every other day. Like Denyse, I prefer a bag I can wear across my body for two reasons 1. it keeps my hand free and 2. I get a sore shoulder. I find it a bit of a challenge to find a bag that does this AND looks stylish. Absolutely love the idea of having a bag with "a place for everything, and everything in its place"!

  7. Wow - I think I have fallen in love! I am a lover of order and those handbags are speaking to me! She has thought of everything! I am off to have a good look around her website. :-) #TeamLovinLife

  8. I'm actually not a huge handbag person Leanne, in that I tend to buy one and then stick to it. I remember times when we had several bags for different occasions. I do love this one and when I worked I loved a bag with loads of pockets. These days I'm more into a small bag mainly for my phone and keys. I love the Share the Dignity concept and a great idea at 'bag refreshing time' as Denyse has said.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  9. My handbag is massive so I can carry around all the kids stuff, like changes of clothes, water bottles and toys! I think it is time to down size!

  10. I like having an area for each thing in my makes it so much easier to find things!!

  11. Thanks for sharing my passion for function and fashion Leanne!! I love designing bags for women who want or need to be organised or are sick of double shoulder duty! I am a small brand aiming big and love any support in achieving this - Thanks Kristy

  12. I love handbags full stop. Can't narrow things down to one favourite, unfortunately.

    SSG xxx

  13. Most of the time, I like to use a small cross-body handbag. When I travel I bring a tote bag with compartments, or a backpack.

  14. What a great bag - I've just bought a new one a couple of weeks ago - it could do with an extra pocket inside, but my last (quite expensive) bag didn't expand enough to fit my lunch and my cardigan (for work's air con) so it got quite frustrating stuffing everything in. This time I went cheap and pretty and roomy and it seems to be doing the trick.

  15. I get terribly confused when I switch handbags and always leave something crucial in the old one! My perfect bag is big enough for my laptop, with compartments for my phone, my keys, business cards and lippy. It must be lightweight and not weigh my shoulder down. Looks like you've found a great bag Leanne :)

  16. I have a serious handbag addiction as I love a bigger bag for everyday and then smaller bags when I am out for lunch or dinner. These look really good and might just end up in my collection.

  17. I only have two handbags at the moment! I'm quite fussy, but when I see one I love I just have to have it!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  18. I like the idea of compartments and pockets in your handbag to organise your belongings. I tend to go for a biggish handbag with a few pockets. I will have to check these ones out.

  19. I am the opposite of you. I prefer pockets. I carry a phone, and a few credit card size items in a little flip open case - I wouldn't even call it a wallet. Just two pockets, one on each side. I think it was made for business cards. This year I decided to become adult like and bought a cool bag. Waste of money. I don't use it.

  20. I do love bags especially leather ones but while I love the look of handbags, I always find myself buying backpacks as they are easier to carry and fit all the stuff in! :)


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