Monday, March 5, 2018

Day 3057 - My month in an insta-snip

What does my Instagram say about me?

Well, for a start I think my Instagram probably suggests I enjoy food more than I'm willing to let on. The food pics are starting to creep in more and more!

For February my Instagram said that I enjoyed a night out, that I ate plenty of good food, that I was gifted some lovely new beauty items to trial, that walks were a highlight, travel happened, I got to spend time with my kids and I got to drool over some interior design.

What my Instagram doesn't show is the time I've spent at my desk, the painkillers I'm taking for chronic pain, the amount of time I'm spending on soccer with my soccer star son nor the panic I'm in right now over my magazine that is due to go to print in 2 days (and is nowhere near finished).

What does your Instagram say about you?

What does it conveniently leave out? 


  1. My Instagram is a bit warts and all at the moment. I do love the connection between fellow Instagram people over those mundane moments we share.

    SSG xxx

  2. My Insta makes me look like I travel more than I do, because on the do nothing days, I post a throwback travel photo! It also shows that I love Sydney. Cos I do!

  3. Ugh, that magazine deadline sounds like fun. I dreamt I was back working in newspapers last night. I did not enjoy that stress.
    Anyway, my instagram says I ate lots of yummy food and did a bit of travelling in February. It doesn't show that I'm not doing very well with my hip rehab and that I need to stop walking so much.
    I hope you get some relief from that chronic pain soon xx

  4. One of my Instagram accounts (@fabulousandfunlife) makes it look like all I think about all day is beauty and occasionally fashion and my other Instagram account (@sydneyfoodbites) makes it look like I eat out constantly and only think about food!

    Having two Instagram accounts probably means I spend way too much time on Instagram!


  5. My instagram account is sadly neglected but I'm hoping to rectify that soon! I love that you shared the reality behind the photos, although the deadline and the chronic pain do not sound like much fun x

  6. I hope you have some downtime to get the magazine done!

  7. My instagram reads I like food too, although I have been a little quiet. That top middle dish looks amazing. Is it beetroot?

  8. I don't do IG - I struggle with highlight posts where I feel like everyone's life is so "together" and mine's so mundane - I'm better with keeping my exposure to a minimum. It was good to see that you can balance the highlights with the lowlights and life is still good.

  9. I know what you life in IG doesnt show it all! As part of my self-made rehab and occupation for each day of 2018 I post an outfit pic, a pic of something from nature and one that is from my creative realm. That's what my feed looks like. I totally love my 1 second a day app which now means I can post 2 pics so it is a great monthly reminder running for around 48 seconds. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 10/52. Next week's optional prompt is "My Last Meal". Denyse x

  10. Sorry to hear you're not well. I'm hoping the pain subsides a little for you soon to something more manageable.

    My Instagram says I spend a lot of time dicking around on Instagram. Or that a picture may say a thousand words, but I'd rather use the words. Haha. I love my Instagram (I have two and manage several others) and have been know to be in conversation about it for WAAAAYYYY too long.

  11. What are you doing? I try to eat it. Is it delicious?
    Genting Princess


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