Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Day 3059 - Wellness Wednesday Quick Tip #10

Why not keep Australia beautiful while you walk!

The other day as I drove home from school drop-off I saw a man on his morning walk.  He was wearing his exercise gear, headphones and bright yellow sneakers.  He looked like anyone else participating in daily exercise, except for one thing.  He was carrying a plastic bag and he was picking up rubbish by the side of the path as he walked.

Which got me to thinking, imagine if we all carried a bag and some protective gloves with us during our daily wander.  It wouldn't have to be an every day occurance, but even once a week would go a long way in helping our local community to stay clean.

How often do you walk?

Could you add litter collection to your exercise routine?

For more information about the Keep Australia Beautiful initiative (and Tidy Towns) head to

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