Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Day 3065 - Some Tuesday Motivation - using the 5 second rule to rewire the brain

Do you take the path of least resistance or are you motivated by a challenge?

It's common knowledge that people who experience success tend to be those people who are motivated by a challenge. The people whose meta-programming allows them to continually expand their comfort zone.

But what happens if our meta-programming is such that we shy away from the challenges?  If we balk at problems and prefer to take the easy way out?

The good news is we can change it.

Our brain is wired to pull us away from anything that it perceives to be a problem, which is why so many people remain in their comfort zone.  It's why we lack motivation in many areas of our lives.  We allow that micro-moment of fear at the mere thought of some actions to dictate the next steps.

Instead of being ruled by that second in time, we can try removing the facts from the feelings and really allow ourselves to look at what it is we're afraid of.  Is it a valid fear that is threatening our livelihood? Or is it an impulse; a nano-second; a habit?  Is it simply the path of least resistance?

So many of us wait to feel motivated.  But that motivational ray of light may never actually appear. So many of us wait for someone else to motivate us.  But we create our own lives.  So in order to move forward we need to learn how to self-motivate.

According to Mel Robbins, creator of the 5 Second Rule, it only takes a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 to help rewire the brain.  Our brain only knows what we tell it and there are ways to redirect ourselves and outsmart our brain by de-coding habit loops.  Simply by tripping up the brain as it goes through it's standard "self preservation" mode in the seconds before we have to make a decision.

There is a science behind it.

If you're lacking motivation, constantly making excuses or failing to make positive forward movement, have a listen to the Mel Robbins interview in the above You Tube clip.  You'll need to boil the jug and pour yourself a cuppa because it's 20 minutes long.  But it may just help you flip the switch in your brain for self-motivation and results.

How's your self motivation?

Do you follow the path of least resistance or are you more of a "I love a good challenge" type of person?

Which areas of your life could do with a flip of the switch?

This post is brought to you via my role as a Success Consultant. I have been coaching people for 10 years in my own business and almost 20 years in various in-job mentoring roles.  This is one of the many many resources I refer to my clients to help them achieve their goals. 

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  1. My motivation depends on my mood. Some days I can do ALL THE THINGS. Others I can barely show up.

  2. Oh sounds very interesting. I will boil the kettle and have a watch xx

  3. Sel-motivation is a tricky thing for me and has a lot to do with how much sleep I've been getting. The better rested I am the more motivated I am to get things done each day and work towards my goals. When I'm sleep-deprived I struggle to even focus on checking my email while lying on the lounge, et alone anything else! I'm going to bookmark this because I don't have time to watch the video now but I'd really like to come back to it.


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