Monday, March 19, 2018

Day 3071 - The view from a Playschool window

What do you see?

Do you recognise these windows?  Which was your favourite?

The Playschool windows are as identifiable to us older Australians as the Harbour Bridge, The Opera House and Uluru.  They are the windows we'd be presented with on every episode of Playschool right before we got to see a story of interest.  Where the presenter would say "which window shall we look through today?"

I seem to recall I'd always scream for the square window or the arch window.  Sometimes the circle (just to mix it up).  Really I liked them all.  But the arch was particularly appealing because it was so different and pretty.  The square boded well for me with its simple lines and symmetry.  The circle felt soothing.

Seeing the windows at the National Museum of Australia during the Playschool exhibition was an absolute thrill for me, (but that thrill was completely lost on my own children).  See my post on the 50th birthday exhibition here. 

It turns out that the Playschool windows we wanted to look through each ep, could actually say more about us than we realise.  According to Bern Morley in her Mamamia post of 7 September 2015, psychologists suggest that we are drawn to shapes that make us happy.

Choosing the square suggests we are an "organised, logical and hardworking person who likes structure and rules."  The round window suggests we're "a people person with lots of sympathy and consideration for others".    The arch symbolises leadership and focus on goals and analysis. It suggests we are a "confident person who wants to be right in everything."

Who knew our screams for a window could say so much about us?

Do you remember the Playschool windows?

Do you remember which window you were drawn to?

If you could have any shaped window in your home, what would you choose?  


  1. I liked the arch but I don't know if I was goal foucsed! Guess there was no window for disorganised and random, I guess...

  2. I used to scream out for the arch window because it reminded me of rainbows!


  3. I loved the arch window Leanne and still do when I watch Play School with my grandson. Have a lovely week.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  4. I like them all, Leanne. Interesting to learn how Playschool windows are identifiable to Australians.

  5. I was always team round, now I think about it. No idea why, but I do like consistency, so the fact I never changed my mind seems very indicative of adult me. Haha.

  6. Fascinating interpretation of the Playschool windows, Leanne! I oscillated between the circle and the square.

    SSG xxx

  7. I ALWAYS wanted the arch window to be picked! Not sure it matches my personality (according to the experts) but what a fun exercise!

  8. I always picked the arch window, it was my favourite. The square felt too confining. But I'm not sure that I'm goal oriented, since the thought of setting goals drives me a little batty.

  9. I've always picked the arch window and the explanation makes total sense to me. My 4yr old watches playschool and we still get excited if we pick the right window.

  10. I remember them but I can't really recall which one I liked most. Just at a glance, my eyes went straight to the circle one.

  11. I always went for the arch but I still like to test myself to see if I can ESP the correct selection! I will always fancy the Playschool clock with the cute set-ups below.

  12. Circle was always my choice. I think they have 4 windows now, can't remember what the 4th shape is, it's been a few years since I've watched with the girls but it was always fun to try and guess which one they would use.

  13. I liked the round window the best. Does anyone else remember the rocket clock and the flower clock? I was flower clock all the way!

  14. I never picked any window other than arched...and I like what that says about me too! I started watching PlaySchool with our daughter and then at a little school in the 1970s that was so far out in the bush, we got sent Playschool on BIG tapes and we could show the kids the Black and White versions..because colour TV was still in its infancy. As a K-2 teacher we used the morning session of PlaySchool in schools in the socially-disadvantaged areas to help kids learn songs, listen to stories and generally acclimatise to early learning. I whole heartedly endorse the show! Thank you for linking up for #ltw 12/52. Next week's optional prompt (& marking 1/4 of way through 2018!) is "origin of my name'. Denyse x


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