Thursday, April 5, 2018

Day 3088 - The Lovin Life Linky - Chocolate Recovery Edition

Who ate too much chocolate last weekend?

Easter provides us with a legit (and somewhat fail-safe) excuse to gorge on chocolate.  We're surrounded by the brown stuff and it's the one time of the year we can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Am I right?

Yeah, of course I'm right. But just because it's touted as the chocolate holiday, doesn't mean we should overdo it.

I did it. In fact I over-did it.  And now I've spent all week regretting it.

With fibromyalgia pain coursing through my body and daily migraines I have no doubt that my chocolate binging hasn't helped my cause.

But I'm not here to whine about my self-inflicted chocolate hang-over.  I'm here to share my chocolate photos and declare my love for Easter.

Look what the Easter Bunny left outside my door!

My kids may be teenagers but the Bunny still leaves them chocolate and pyjamas each year

Can you see the Easter Bunny's offerings up and down Nanny and Pop's hallway?

Easter for us was a time to head to my parents where we met up with friends and family, feasted on home-cooked meals, drank bubbles, talked each other's ears off and indulged in Lindt.

It was a time to unwrap the foil on many a bite-sized egg and declare to have "just one more".  I'm guessing I ate close to 30 of those suckers over the course of the weekend, plus the big bunny (which I pretended to share).

And now it's time for me to drink copious amounts of water to try and get the damn stuff out of my system.

Ah yes.  I love Easter.

Anyone else over-indulge last weekend?

Are you in chocolate recovery?

 What did the Easter Bunny bring you?

*   *   *   *   *

It's Lovin' Life Linky time.

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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely family Easter and kept the tradition alive. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I tend not to eat chocolate, but did this weekend - one of those Whittaker's Peanut Slabs & let me just say my tummy was not happy!

  3. I am a chocolate lover...but wait for this...not of Easter chocolate! My daughter, however, IS a fan and she won her youngest daughter's school's raffle of many Easter products!! Easter eggs and choc for miles...lucky she has 4 kids to helps her eat it all. Denyse x

  4. I don't think I ate any chocolate on the weekend - but I did drink too much alcohol, and lots of chinese food and ice cream....

  5. No overindulging here. Well not in the chocolate department. Hubby arrived home after a month at sea, so lots of family time.

  6. I love those Lindt Chocolate Bunnies and never really want to unwrap them. Of course, that thought lasts about 5 minutes!

  7. Oh no - sorry to hear of your post choccy indulgence suffering. That's not good at all! We had a very Lindt Easter too. I love your PJ idea as well. #TeamLovinLife

  8. I'm lucky as not a huge chocolate fan so Easter don't make me over indulge (except on wine shhhh)

  9. Loving the family (and chocolate) feel of your Easter Leanne but not the news that the fibromyalgia has been playing up.

    Get well soon

    SSG xxx

  10. Your hallway kinda made me looked like the Easter bunny left a trail of you know what....

  11. Sounds like a fairly typical Easter! I actually didn't eat that much chocolate over Easter because I'm not a big fan. Keep drinking the water and it will flush out eventually!

  12. Love your Easter traditions. We aren't very big fans of the eggs but we did indulge in some Lindt balls. Yes to more water.

  13. We set up the Easter Egg Hunt at my Dad's house this year and went to a Winery for lunch. It was great!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  14. I have fallen in love with Lindt chocolate--no other will do! I try not to over-do it, but it's sure hard!

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