Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Day 3100 - The Gate

The childproof gate

We have a childproof gate at the top of our stairs as you enter our home.  We don't have an indoor pool.  Nor do we  have toddlers in our home.  So why on Earth would we need to live in such a nanny state?

Let me tell you the story about our gate.

When we first bought this house one of the things we loved most about it was the big staircase leading into our home.  Such gorgeous tiles and lovely hand rails greeted us at the big wooden door.  (Styles change, but trust me, it was totes gorgeous at the time.) 

Our daughter was only 18 months old when we moved in and it become apparent very quickly that we'd need to secure the top of the stairs.  She would run from one end of the house to the other with no fear of falling down the ceramic mountain.  The fear was all mine.  She'd also want to climb up and down them continuously. They were her Everest. Which meant I couldn't leave her alone for a second.

One night after we'd transitioned her out of her cot into a toddler bed, my husband heard a THUMP from her end of the house. With fatherly panic he jumped out of bed in his socks and undies (again, styles change but trust me, it was totes gorgeous at the time) and raced out of our room. 

The only thing is, tiles are slippery in socks and he went for a dive the moment he turned out of our bedroom door.  Six foot five arms and legs flailed in all directions as he skidded precariously close to the edge of our indoor cliff. 

 Without further ado we made the decision to put in a permanent child safety gate.  Not just for the adventurous toddler, but for the adults in the house who may not be able to navigate so well in the night time.

This gate has protected two toddlers, many a drunk adult and even a blind Labrador.  Just when I think it might be time to remove it we get a grand-bub and visits from my (almost) 97 year old grandmother.  Then there are the grand-nieces and nephews who visit regularly and the dogs who would love nothing more than to greet our visitors at the front door.  Let alone having me wander out of my room in my slippers each morning bleary eyed and unsteady on my feet due to fibro pain. 

So the gate stays. 

It's tatty with paint peeling and it takes away the majesty of our entry way.  But it's a good gate. It's been with us since the get-go and it's going to be hard to say goodbye. 

So for now, we'll just continue to live in its protection. 

Do you have safety gates in your home?

Would you remove this gate or keep it for good measure?

It is time to cut the apron strings? 


  1. Keep it! It sounds like it's worth it for all the saving it's done over the years. There's nothing like peace of mind.

  2. I would definitely keep it - I'm all for erring on the side of caution!

  3. If I had your home, I would do the same. We have had a couple of 2 story homes but the staircases were carpeted. Much safer that way.

  4. I've had them in the past for similar dog related reasons. They're handy! When it's not handy, get rid of it.

  5. Yep. agree with all your thinking!! Denyse x

  6. I couldn't wait to get rid of our baby gates. When we had them my husband actually broke his foot tripping over the one at the top of the stairs and landing on the one at the bottom. He was not a happy man!

  7. I'm a big fan of doing what works! Keep it, for sure.


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