Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Day 3101 - Wellness Wednesday Quick Tip #12

How often should you change your mattress? 

According to The Better Sleep Council (an arm of the industry group International Sleep Products Association) you should replace your mattress if you "wake up with stiffness, aches and pains, if you had a much better night's sleep somewhere else, or if your mattress shows visible signs of overuse such as sagging." (

Given I could have ticked all of those boxes five years ago I would say a  new mattress is long overdue at our house.  So we recently went shopping and have a mattress on "trial" which we bought from a company that offers a full refund if we're not happy with the quality of our sleep after 14 nights.  The ability to test it for a while was very important to me during the shopping experience because you can't fully test a bed after only fifteen minutes in a store. Especially when you experience fibromyalgia pain.

According to choosing the right mattress can make the difference between spending the day feeling good or in pain.  Their tips for buying the right mattress are:

  • research online; 
  • talk to your doctor; 
  • watch out for gimmicks; 
  • take the mattress for a test drive; 
  • note that firm mattresses aren't always better for your back; 
  • pillow tops aren't for everyone; 
  • adjustable beds are a great option; 
  • ask about trial periods; 
  • check the warranty; and 
  • shop at a store that specialises in mattresses. 

How's your mattress?

Any mattress buying tips you'd like to share? 


  1. I really like the idea of test driving a mattress. When we bought our mattress I tried out a few for a few minutes in the shop. You feel like a twit lying on a mattress while people shop around you and it doesn't really give you a good idea of what you're getting. Next time it will be a 14 day trial like yours.

    Thanks for linking up with us at #MLSTL and I've shared this on my SM xx

  2. Thanks for the reminder to give the age of our mattress consideration, as well as the helpful tips for shopping for a new one! I can sleep on just about any type of mattress except extra soft, so I'm not hard to please. Thanks for sharing. I also posted to the Lovin' Life Linky...thanks for letting me participate!

  3. Hi Leanne, we had to buy a new bed for our apartment at the Gold Coast and the mattress (king size) is just so comfortable. I suffer from back problems but when I sleep at the Coast I wake refreshed without back pain and sleep much better. The mattress should be the most important thing when selecting a bed. Welcome to #MLSTL and thanks for linking up. We open each Wed at 6am so hope you will join us or let me know if you want a reminder. Sorry the link didn't work yesterday, my head wasn't in the right place as I wasn't well. Glad you made it though.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  4. I want a new mattress very badly! My husband could sleep on a cement slab and feel just fine, but I toss and turn all night! We recently moved abroad, and a family friend gave us our current bed/mattress(super nice thing to do!)but, I really really really want to pick out a new mattress.


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