Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Day 3121 - How to Create a Unicorn Birthday Party

Unicorns are the best!

The best thing about unicorn parties is you don't have to be overly clever to throw one.  It's less about the ornate cake and the masterful decor, and more about the colours.

Last weekend we threw an extended family birthday celebration for Miss Lola.  Given unicorns are a permanent part of her life right now, we decided that it was an easy theme.

Because I'm not a cake decorator (unless plastic toys on a cake count) nor am I very crafty in the decorations department, I went for the simplest most foolproof approach possible.  

Colour. As you know, I'm a big fan of colour party themes

The food and decorations

I started by going to the local $2 shop to see what I could find that was Unicornish.  As luck would have it unicorns are in right now so there was an abundance of options.

Unicorn cups, plates, straws, lolly bags, cake flags and unicorn horns.  

From there I bought the party table cloth in a contrasting colour and organised the balloons in pink, blue and purple. 

I then prepared appropriately coloured food which included berries, pineapple, plums, fruit kebabs and multi coloured marshmallows. Plus the normal chips and finger foods such as quiches and sausage rolls. 

Cupcakes were the easiest birthday cake option with icing in unicorn colours of blue, pink, purple and yellow.  The cupcake papers also followed the theme and the cake flags added the touch of unicorn that was needed.

The games

Because it was a family party of many ages (rather than a party for her 5 year old peers) we had to create games for young and old alike.  

Pin the horn on the unicorn was fun and I bought the game from a local party shop.  We made it easier for the little ones by not making them spin, but the older the participant, the more spins they had to make before the tried to get the horn as close as possible.  Blindfolded of course. 

The unicorn pinata was the fan favourite of the day.  Costing around $20 for the pinata and another $15 worth of wrapped lollies, we rigged it up so that hubby could change the height depending on the size of the participant.  Again, the older the participant, the more spins they had to make.

My all time favourite is always the treasure hunt. It's not a race but involves everyone working as a team to find the next clue.  I try to make my clues rhyme and for the unicorn party, they not only found the next clue, but also a miniature unicorn at each stop which they put in a basket to share out equally at the end.  The ultimate treasure was the box holding their take home party bags.  Oh, and me jumping out of my closest yelling BOOOOOOO.

The Dress

We didn't ask for anyone to dress up but a couple of people came prepared in their unicorn horn headbands.  

Everyone else was given a cardboard unicorn horn as they entered the house and we all had unicorn names eg Lola-corn, Tahlia-corn, Darby-corn, Nanny-corn, Mummy-corn.  

Esmeralda certainly dressed for the occasion

And that's how we created a unicorn party.

It was easy, cheap and didn't require a great deal of creativity.

Have you hosted a themed party?

What unicorn ideas would you include?

Whacked a pinata recently? 


  1. LOVE a themed party that is this much fun!! It looked marvellous and just the tonic for all the family after the past months. I was a great party organiser for our kids and grandkids but have retired now! Loved reading and viewing this, Leanne! #lifethisweek 19/52. Next week's optional prompt is #shareyoursnaps4. Denyse

  2. Unicorn themed parties are wonderful and quite appropriate for a 10 year old girl, as long as she loves unicorns. The unicorn party theme is still really popular as well, meaning that you will easily be able to access everything you need for the party. A more obscure theme may make it more difficult to source all of your supplies.
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