Monday, May 14, 2018

Day 3127 - Sharing my mothers day snaps

Happy belated Mothers Day to the mums in the blogosphere

My Mother's Day haul, my mum and my kids

Yesterday was Mother's Day and mine was jam packed.  My Instagram suggests that I spent a lovely quiet day with my kids and my mum getting comfy gifts like slippers, hoodies and chick flicks. 

The reality was a little more hectic than that.

Here are my Mother's Day snaps.

Getting the match balls ready

My day started at 7.00am when I had to commence my role as Communications Manager for my son's soccer club. 

Some games had to be cancelled due to poor playing fields which meant alerting the fans and rescheduling the big post-match function I'd spent 2 weeks organising. Of course that also meant the function room etc had to be cancelled.  Phone calls, emails and Facebook posts were flying in all directions as we got it sorted.

Then I put on my Team Manager hat and headed to my son's National Premier League game where we spent our morning rugged up on the edge of a soccer pitch.  We did acknowledge our soccer mums in this post-game pic though. Can you find me?

Our team won 6-1 which was the best Mother's Day gift for these mums
While sitting on the bench with my team in triple layers and the wind whipping around my ears, it occurred to me that the family picnic we'd planned for 20+ people down by the lake was perhaps going to be a tad cold, particularly for those aged 80+.   Some text messages and a phone call moved the event to our house instead.

Needless to say my husband and daughter left the match early to get the house in order and move some furniture to fit in the extra table needed to accommodate the extended family.

Everybody bought something to contribute to the picnic

The mums
We also celebrated my grandmothers 97th birthday with some cake and a happy birthday sing-a-long including "21 today, 21 today, I've got the key to the door, never been 21 before ...."

The next plan of attack for my immediate family was to head to the Men's 1st Grade soccer and the function, but given that was one of the games that was cancelled we headed to the Club for a few champagnes instead. Then home for picnic left-overs and The Greatest Showman. 

And that was my Mother's Day and all the stuff that Instagram didn't tell you.

Did you celebrate Mother's Day with anyone?

How different was your day to your Instagram pics?

Anyone else get a new pair of slippers?

Just for laughs, here is the photo my daughter used for her "Instagram Mother's Day shout-out" to me.  Remember when you could wear a bikini?  Sigh.

I'm hanging out with Denyse and the other Monday "Life This Week" bloggers as we "share our snaps".


  1. What a lovely family and Mother's Day you had Leanne. I miss my Mum I can tell you so it is lovely to see others still enjoying their Mums. Have a great week.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  2. Looks like you had a very nice Mother's day with your family, despite having to reschedule activities. Well done!

  3. Mine was nothing like what I showed on insta - but the very pleasant opposite of busy. I sat in bed all morning and edited my novel, my dog lying across my feet. In the arvo we did a movie afternoon with my Mother's Day pressie - Greatest Showman - too...

  4. Love your bikini shot and all those lovely women in your family gathering together to celebrate Mothers Day - so many happy pics.

  5. Gosh Leanne...who scheduled soccer on Mother's Day?? What a wonder woman you were though. Much to sort and re-organise and of course YOU did it!
    I love the bikini pic of you!! Happy Birthdays to your lovely rellies.
    Thank you so much for linking up for #lifethisweek 20/52. Next week's optional prompt is My Biggest Fear. 21/52. #LifeThisWeek. Denyse


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