Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Day 3129 - Wellness Wednesday Quick Tip #14

The Health Benefits of Coffee

Before we get started on this post, let me just say, that I don't drink coffee. 

Or do I? 

Up until last year I hadn't had a coffee for over 20 years until I discovered iced coffee in a completely random act of impulse.  After spending the next few hours as high as a kite, I've since had many many MANY iced coffees.  Last weekend that progressed to my first hot brew on the side of a soccer field and now I'm desperately scrambling to ensure this new found "stimulant" isn't all fire and brimstone.

So here I am today shouting about the health benefits of coffee.  Partly because it might be true and partly to appease my conscience. 

According to Medical News Today a cup of coffee in the morning could provide more than just an energy boost.  "The potential benefits include protecting against type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, liver disease, liver cancer and promoting a healthy heart."  Other studies have suggested coffee may help protect against cirrhosis, the risk of MS and protect against colorectal cancer.  It also has a very low calorie count when taken black which is good for dieters plus it's high in antioxidants.  '

As you would expect there are risks associated with drinking coffee which I chatted about in my "the day I got high on coffee" post and are also touched on in the Medical News Today article. But for now I can rejoice in the fact that I haven't sold my soul to the devil just yet and the occasional cup on the sidelines this winter may do more than just warm my hands. 


  1. Great to know there's more in that cup than just a good beginning to my day!

  2. I love a nice cup of coffee - the caffeine part really doesn't play a big role for me - it's the socialization that comes from coffee with a friend, and the relaxation of a cup of coffee at home. I'm not a tea drinker - coffee will always be special for me.
    Thanks for linking up with us at #MLSTL and I've shared this on my SM xx
    Leanne |

  3. Hi Leanne, I don’t drink coffee in any form, but I do love a nice cup of tea. I don’t know why but I’ve never liked the smell of coffee and it puts me off even trying it. Funny how some things have an impact on you for no particular reason! #mlstl

  4. I hope everything you say is true because I drink hot and iced coffee all day!

  5. I drink two cups of coffee every morning. But my favorite treat is a Starbucks cold brew with cream. I say treat because the caffeine in the cold brew can keep me up at night.

  6. I can't start my day without a cup of coffee Leanne - I blame my husband for this. He makes a delicious cup of coffee for me every morning. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Midlife Share the Love Party and you have reminded me that I haven't had an iced coffee for years. See you at next week's linkup. #MLSTL

  7. I love my coffee but I REALLY love a good iced cappuccino!

    1. In my family when I was growing up, coffee was the drink the adults had with every meal. So, I too became a coffee drinker while in high school. And, my senior year, my girl friend drank her coffee black and I figured if she could, I could too. Thus I've drank black coffee every day for 61 years! Most mornings, I go out for breakfast and have a couple of cups. Then I get a free coffee to go (Waffle House even gives me a large coffee to go for free) and sip it even after it gets cold. I also keep a jug of Stok cold brew coffee in the fridge to top of the free cup when it is gone. Donna, I like Starbucks caramel frappuccinos with an extra shot of espresso in it.

  8. I can't face the day without my cup of coffee in the morning. I've always drank it black so that's a plus for me; at least one choice without calories!

  9. Hi Leanne,
    I landed your blog via the MLSTL party.
    I am too a lover of coffee. But I wasn't so conscious about the health benefits you have spelt out. Interesting. It can be refreshing and relaxing.
    Take care
    Pradeep |

  10. I love coffee--iced or hot! In fact, I also wrote a post a couple of months back about the benefits and risks of the magic coffee bean. There is some research that shows coffee may reduce your risk of Alzheimer's as well: As reported in the New York Times, a 2009 study followed about 1,400 people in Finland and Sweden for two decades and found that those who reported drinking 3-5 cups of coffee each day were 65 percent less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, compared to those who didn’t drink coffee or only drank it occasionally. I say "drink up!" :-)

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