Thursday, May 17, 2018

Day 3130 - The Lovin Life Linky - Archibald Edition

It's time for the Archibald again! 

After visiting the Archibald last September I've got a taste for it, so when Chelsea suggested it as our "let's do something fun before chemo" adventure yesterday, I agreed without hesitation.

As you know Sydney isn't necessarily the place of fun and festivities for our Chels.  A trip to Sydney means doctors, tests and treatments.  So when we head to the Big Smoke for the cancer stuff we also try to add a bit of sightseeing and culture to the equation.

I was completely blown away by the fact that Archibald has rolled around again, but not at all disappointed.

There was so much to see with Guy Pearce a particular favourite.  Jimmy Barnes was also fun to see and I loved seeing the different materials and textures used in many of the paintings. So much variety. So much to just stare at.  Some I could have looked at for hours.

What we noticed this year was the number of self portraits which had me wondering how I would tackle a self portrait. 

What features would I highlight and what angle would I take?

What emotion would I focus on and what colours would I use?

How would I translate to paint and canvas?

Have you ever painted a self portrait?

What mood would you portray if you did?

Anyone else planning to see Archibald this year?

For more information on what the Archibald is all about, click here.

To see the finalists and winners, click here.

The Archibald Exhibit is open at the Art Gallery of NSW until 9 September 2018 and costs around $20 per adult or $18 a concession (cheaper for members) and $8 for children.

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  1. I can't draw a stick figure Leanne. I love the Archibald as the entries are just such high standard. That one of Guy Pearce looks just like a photo. Thank you for bringing the Archibald to me as I couldn't visit IRL. Have a great week!

  2. I love the Archibald & when I lived in Sydney used to always go...not this year though. Thanks for giving me a virtual taste.

  3. We walked past the Wentworth Hotel in Sydney on Tuesday arvo and saw they had some of the Bald Archies in the window. I went to the Archibalds some years. The time I took my then 6 year old artist granddaughter to them, one of the pics displayed was a naked male Judge in Red Robes. I decided that would worry her about Santa from then on so we went to Hyde Park and had a picnic instead. Glad you and Chelsea had an nice outing though. Thinking of you both today. Must tell you this. at 6 am yesterday going from ground floor to level 3 where day surgery is in Chris O Brien Lifehouse, my head and neck nurse stepped into the lift and we both smiled and shared the best hug! Really helped me and she is just the best! Even tweeted me last night to see how I was. She was there until 9 pm and is back for the same today!! Nurses, like teachers, with vocations are just the best!! D x

  4. Thanks for sharing some amazing art works! I saw a similar exhibition by Canadian artists recently.

  5. Looks like you saw some incredible art. Self portraits are so interesting. I've never attampted a self portrait or even thought about it, so your questions have gotten me to thinking about how I would approach it.

  6. This art exhibition looks amazing. I love the Jimmy Barnes one. I am not sure about a self portrait - it would feel very much in my face type thing.

  7. Wow - some amazing art there Leanne and you photographed them so well too! If I were to do a self portrait there would be a lot of light and shade and rich, warm colours (me to a T). Such an interesting thing to think about. I think I might be pondering this further all day! #TeamLovinLife

  8. Those artists are beyond talented - to be able to capture every line (wrinkle), clothing fold, expression, and texture just blows me away. I can't even draw a face in proportion!

  9. I love that you incorporate a fun activity when you are going for the "bad" stuff!! And how amazing is this exhibit?? I would in no way paint a self portrait---unless I could do it with chocolate...LOL!!

  10. Thank you for sharing a virtual walk through The Archibalds.

    I hope the art and its energy helped Chelsea get through chemo.

    SSG xxx

  11. Nothing more relaxing and inspiring than a walk around an art gallery. So glad that you find time to do this kind of thing in amidst the not-so-nice activities. Looks like a wonderful art exhibition - I love portraiture too.

  12. Fabulous portraits. The one of Guy Pearce is incredible. It would have been great to see.

  13. Those are so beautiful, thanks for sharing. Wow, I would love to see those in person. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.


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