Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Day 3142 - Dubbo Zoo

Today we take a trip to Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo

The thing I love about Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo is its size.  There is so much space dedicated to each animal which gives you a feeling of peace.

We've been to "Dubbo Zoo" three times over the last 20 odd years.  Once when C was around 6 years old, once when T and D were too little to remember it, and then again this weekend.

This time we set off with the extended Shea/Langdown clans which made for a pretty large group.  Aged from 2 to 82 we ventured the 4.5 hours from Canberra in 5 cars individually stopping at little towns and tourist attractions along the way.

Unfortunately our car load tackled the trip later than the rest of them due to soccer commitments,which meant we were prey to the pitfalls of dark country roads.  As a result we hit a roo which was no good for the roo and no good for our car.  Needless to say that due to a broken radiator our car is still in Dubbo and we're dealing with the consequences.  Let's just say the trip was a tad more expensive than we'd anticipated.  But that's a story for another day and didn't dampen our spirits too much. If you travel to Dubbo, stick to the main highways and try and get there before dark. 

Five spacious family cabins at the Dubbo City Holiday Park were able to accommodate all 21 of us in comfort, warmth and convenience.  Of course they had the added bonus of a large BBQ area along with a big playground and jumping balloon for the kids.  Had the weather been warmer we could have also utilised their pool.

The trip to the zoo was obviously the highlight and we found that for most of us, buying our tickets online via our NRMA membership was the cheapest option by far.

Before you head to the zoo you need to have a think about how you'd like to tackle it. The zoo itself is spread over 300 hectares and has a 6km circuit that "meanders through natural bush land and around large open style exhibits".

There are many ways to get around the zoo including car, bike, cart or walking.  We chose a combination of cars and walking by parking in the various car parks along the way then wandering around the exhibits before heading back to the car to head to the next car park. This allowed us to store our lunch and layers of clothing, as well as scooters for the kids.

You can hire bikes and electric carts at the zoo, as well as bikes with a caboose for the littlies, but these are in limited supply so you need to get there early to secure your "ride".  For more information click here. 

There is so much to see and it's best to plan your day according to the various feeding times and animal talks.   Their website has an interactive map which helps you sort out where you need to be and at what time.

There are picnic spots along the way, as well as a few food places, so be sure to factor your meal times into the equation.

All in all it's a very full day, so be sure to get there when the gates open at 9am as you'll probably still be there at 4pm when it closes. You'll find that most ticket purchases (including the NRMA) allow for two day entry so you can head back the next day if you didn't get to see everything.

Here are some pics taken during our zoo adventure.  These are a combination of my own phone snaps and some very cool professional pictures taken by my niece-in-law Penny.  (Thanks Penny)

Have you been to Dubbo Zoo?

Do you have any tips for getting the best out of this zoo experience?

Anyone hit a kangaroo lately? 


  1. I have never actually hit a roo and done lots of night country driving. It sounds really scary and from what I know - really noisy. You were lucky you were in a big car.

  2. Looks like a very nice time and a zoo that I would love to visit. Sorry about your car.

  3. I so love how your family makes time for special occasions like these! We lived in the outback teaching at Weilmoringle in 1976 -77 and saw the zoo start. I only have a memory of driving around it and seeing the animals protected from the humans (!)by the moats. Some years back our son and his young family went and loved it - they booked in for the feeding of the giraffes as I recall. Great memories made here Leanne. Denyse #teamIBOT P.S. We had our share of car disasters in the outback and in the dark. They were not fun back in the 1970s with NO mobile phones either! Best of luck getting yours sorted asap.

  4. Even after all these years of night country driving, no roo action for me *touches wood* but I have had some close calls. The whole thing terrifies me! Glad to hear you're all safe. AND that you had an awesome time at the zoo.

  5. Loved scrolling through here again. Family memories! The best. Thank you for joining in for #lifethisweek.
    Next Week’s Optional Prompt: 23/52. What I Will Never See Again. 4/6/18. Denyse

  6. I haven't been since I was a kid- looks so great! Love that snap of you laughing- what joy!

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